26. April 2013
At the beach

A weekend at the Lazy Beach

The island of Koh Rong Samloem with the Lazy Beach is located 2 hours by boat off the coast of Sihanoukville. Lazy Beach was recommended to us by several people. The name Lazy Beach (translated […]

20. April 2013
Victory Beach

Cambodia's hippest beach resort – Sihanoukville

The search for a guesthouse in Sihanoukville proved not so simple, but in the afternoon we finally had a nice hotel in “Makara” found for the next days. Nicole […]

16. April 2013
View from our bungalow

Koh Thmei – A dream island

After breakfast, we were on time at 8:00 Clock picked up by a minibus and then rallied but only a few other passengers a. Again more passengers were as […]

12. April 2013
A magnificent water buffalo

Kampot – Where the pepper grows!

For the trip from Phnom Penh to Kampot we had a 'private' minibus, because we were only 4 passengers (including Seppel, Tamara und mir). So we had seats behind fold and […]

9. April 2013
In The Streets Of Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh – Cambodia's capital

Pretty shaken we arrived in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, ,. In the last row of the fully stocked mini bus you could feel every stone and the bad road Huckel. The speed […]

7. April 2013
Our train is being turned for the return journey

Battambang in western Cambodia

The arrival in Battambang was a real adventure. Although we were already warned by Cliff and Joyce, But we never thought, that at the bus terminal so many tuk tuk driver […]

2. April 2013
Angkor Wat

Angkor Temple von

Before visiting the temples of Angkor National Museum was highly recommended to us. In the museum you can learn much about the culture of the Khmer (the inhabitants of Cambodia) and the magnificent […]

30. March 2013
Pub Street

Siem Reap

After 6 hours in the bus we arrived in Siem Reap. Siem Reap is also a lifeline to the temples of Angkor, the eighth wonder of the world, named. The temples are to the thousand years […]

28. March 2013
Bamboo Bridge To Kho Paen Island

Stop in Kampong Cham

After 4 hours we reached Kampong Cham. With about 50.000 Population is one of the “Cities” Cambodia's. The best room we found in “Mekong Hotel”. All the other we […]

26. March 2013
Bamboo Bridge To Kho Paen Island

Kratie – Bike ride to Koh Trong and boat trip to the Irrawaddy dolphins

Kratie was the next stop on our trip. We should by 6:15 clock will be picked up, but also in Cambodia, the clocks tick differently. About 20 minutes later, then finally came the […]

23. March 2013
Bamboo Bridge To Kho Paen Island

Jungle Tour: by ants, Frogs, Toads, Rats and spiders

Unser Guide Yok “Monkey” picked us up in the morning and we took the pick-up on dusty tracks towards Virachey National Park. All who were in the back on the truck bed (Nicole durfte […]

20. March 2013
Group photo

Kampuchea Suosadey! – Hello from Cambodia!

A long day ahead of us. It went across the border from Laos to Cambodia. The drive to Ban Lung, in northeast Cambodia, We booked through a travel agent, yes […]

Laos flag

Good bye Laos!

For a month we were in the “Country of slowness”, Laos is often referred to as, on the way. Our conclusion: Laos is still very original and has a beautiful landscape with many different facets: […]

18. March 2013
Bamboo Bridge To Kho Paen Island

Kayak trip on the Mekong

Along with a pair of Zurich (Anna and Gaudenz) 8 clock we started our kayak tour. With a boat, we were first taken to the neighboring island of Don Det. Unser Guide gab uns […]

15. March 2013

Si Phan Don – the 4000 islands in the Mekong

The Mekong River in southern Laos, on the border with Cambodia, is wide in the rainy season, about 14 kilometers. During the dry season dive hundreds (or thousands if you count every little sandbar) […]