11. May 2014
Die Berühmte Freiheitsstatue

New York, New York

... But before we flew only a few days left until the end of our world trip back to Germany, we made a stopover in the city that never sleeps, in New York. […]

Blog Weltreise 13766

¡Chao Bolivia!

Bolivia is a country of contrasts. With enormous differences in height it extends from just above the seabed to over 6500m high mountains. We experienced hot here, rainy days in the Amazon jungle […]

7. May 2014

Salar de Uyuni – The largest salt lake in the world

Once again we had an early out of bed. A 4:15 clock we packed our luggage into the taxi and made our way to the airport. Our flight went to Uyuni […]

4. May 2014
La Paz Vom Aussichtspunkt Killi Killi

Back in La Paz

After 4 days in the Amazon rain forest, the contrast could not be greater for us. Welcome back to the urban jungle! From 200 we flew in 40 minutes to ca. 4000m above sea level and spent […]

1. May 2014
Mit Dem Boot Zur Dschungel Lodge


The Madidi National Park do not actually stand on our Itinerary. I once had thought when reading the guide some time ago, that it would be great even a trip to the […]

28. April 2014
Der Erste Blick Auf La Paz

La Paz – the highest seat of government in the world

By bus we went on the afternoon of Copacabana to La Paz. The 4 hour drive took us through beautiful scenery along the Lake Titicaca and the high over 6000m […]

26. April 2014
Blick Auf Die Schneebedeckten Berge Der Anden

Hello Bolivia! – Isla del Sol im Titicaca See

After Peru it was in our last country in South America, to Bolivia. In four hours bus ride along the Lake Titicaca we saw many harvested grain fields, small houses, traditionally dressed Peruvian, many […]

Flagge Peru

Tupananchikkama Peru – Goodbye Peru!

After 20 days, we returned to the land of the Incas and alpacas back on. The culture, the landscape, people, the food… everything here has us very intrigued and we […]

24. April 2014
Uros Islands – Schwimmende Inseln Auf Dem Titikaka See

Titikaka Am See

At over 3800m is the highest navigable lake in the world, der Titikaka See. Divided into Peru and Bolivia The lake is on the Altiplano, this is a huge plateau between […]

20. April 2014
Blick Auf Den Vulkan Misti

Arequipa, the “White City”

Overnight, we went from Cusco to Arequipa. The bus was very comfortable and the seats comfortable, yet it felt as if we on all the time a […]

7. April 2014
Erster Blick Auf Machu Picchu

In the Sacred Valley of the Incas

We left Ecuador behind and flew to Peru. After a night in the capital Lima, we took the aircraft directly to Cusco, the so-called "capital […]

Flagge Ecuador

Until then Ecuador!

Over 3 weeks we were in Ecuador traveling and the highlight was of course the Galapagos Islands. The wildlife there is so unique and impressive. It is indeed as the […]

4. April 2014

Otavalo's Märkte

Through the mountains we took a bus from Quito to Otavalo. There we stayed at the Hostal Rincon del Viajero. Otavalo is located north of Quito and is surrounded by 3 […]

2. April 2014
Seppel An Der Zip Line

In the cloud forest of Mindo

From Quito we went early in the morning in 2 hours by bus to Mindo, a small sleepy village in the so-called “Nebelwald”. Mindo is surrounded by rainforest and this […]

17. March 2014
Schnorcheln Mit Seelöwen (isla Lobos)

Galapagos – 2 weeks in the natural paradise

Breakfast by 5 clock we had to get up, because we had ahead of us to reach in Quito more than an hour taxi ride to the airport for our flight to the Galapagos. 9:30 […]