Group photo

A long day ahead of us. It went across the border from Laos to Cambodia. The drive to Ban Lung, in northeast Cambodia, We booked through a travel agent, because it seems too complicated it is to organize itself After breakfast we were taken around 8 clock by boat from Ban Don Khon by Nakasang. There we had to fill out the visa documents and submit our passport along with a passport photo and 30 USD. In the bus, we went to the border, where all get out and had to walk over. Everyone was there with a device (it was a thermometer?) within two seconds of a so-called "health check" subject and got a yellow note (a kind of health records) pressed into his hand. After 45 minutes of waiting we were allowed back on the bus and got our passports including visa for one month stay in Cambodia back. Our adventure Cambodia now stood no more obstacles. In Stung Treng in Cambodia we had to change trains. We were told, that we drive all the way to Ban Lung in a "VIP bus", including air conditioning and free water. But unfortunately, this turned out to be false. We had to get on a crowded minibus and four of us squeezed into a three-seat row. After 2 hours we finally clock, 15 were in Ban Lung. The bus driver dropped us off somewhere in the center and we walked the dusty roads up to our Guest House. In the “Top Tree Ecolodge"We had a great bungalow surrounded by avocado- and cashew nut trees.

Ban Lung is also called the "red earth", because pretty much everything is covered with a layer of red dust. The trees and bushes look as if always fall.

The next day we spent mostly on the terrace. In the evening, then came Britney, Joyce und Cliff to. After they told us of their anstengenden trip across the border to Ban Lung, could we consider ourselves fortunate, it has all worked out pretty well for us. It took over 2 hours longer than we.

Moped tour to waterfalls and a crater lake

Along with Britney, Joyce, Cliff and Jan from Holland we have rented mopeds us the next day to explore the surroundings. Over dusty and bumpy slopes hucklig-it went to the waterfalls “Ka Tieng” and “Kinchaan”. Soon we were all covered with a layer of dust and rotbraunenen longed for a refreshing swim at the waterfall. Lunch, we appealed to the “Coconut Shake Restaurant” a, that probably the best coconut shakes the world makes. Mmhhh! We drank or. spooned therefore any two of the same.
In the afternoon we drove to the “Boeng Yeak Lom” - A beautiful crater lake surrounded by lush jungle landscape, before the 700.000 Years to have originated. The water was very clear and refreshing, and we swam here for a while until the sun. We spent the evening all together in our guesthouse and booked for the next two days a jungle trek.