Bamboo Bridge To Kho Paen Island

Along with a pair of Zurich (Anna and Gaudenz) 8 clock we started our kayak tour. With a boat, we were first taken to the neighboring island of Don Det. Our guide gave us life jackets, Kayaks and paddles, then could begin. We were lucky, that we arrived late, because a large group of over 20 people was on his way. We were only four. We paddled through calm water first and then made a stop at a small waterfall to see. Then we paddled further and had to pass through two rapids, what we succeeded with a little hesitation but good. Although even before we landed in a bush, but otherwise everything went well. By noon it was cloudy, Then the sun came out and it was very hot. We paddled towards the Cambodian border to the rare Irrawaddy dolphins seen. There we had to wait a while, appeared to them. Unfortunately, we do not see the dolphins but jump.
After that first lunch break was announced. After the break, we paddled down the river for an hour and were then able to enjoy a dip in the first Mekong. When the heat was really enjoyable, even though the water was not too cold.
The kayaks we had landed on our Songtheao and then drove to the Khon Phapheng Waterfall. This includes not only the Li Phi Waterfall on the Mekong cases and also has about 18 meters head. Here millions of gallons of water rush down every second. Khon Phapheng is therefore in terms of the volume of water per second, the largest waterfall in South East Asia.

Back in Ban Nakasang it went for the trip to Don Det back into the kayak and our guide took us finally back on the boat to Don Khon. Although we thought, that we would get the next day soreness from too much paddling, but we do not notice them.

A quiet day on the island

The next morning we drove my bike to the neighboring island of Don Det. Here is a bungalow stringing the next and there are more backpackers than on Don Khon, though Don Khon is the larger island.
In search of an internet cafe, we met again and Britney also learned Joyce und Cliff know from London. Together we have to swim with the bikes back to Don Khon to the Mekong. There is a small sandy beach with a few restaurants. Along the way we have inserted a short coffee break. The dip in the Mekong did really well in the heat emergency.