The Mekong River in southern Laos, on the border with Cambodia, is wide in the rainy season, about 14 kilometers. During the dry season dive hundreds (or thousands if you count every little sandbar) Islands on. In total, there are around 4000 islands in this area. Hence the name Si Phan Don, or translated "4000 Islands".

After 3 hours drive from Pakse 18 clock we reached Ban Nakasang. It started to become dark, But we needed a boat, that brings us to Don Khon Island. The boatman said, he can take us only to the neighboring island Don Det, because on the way to Don Khon many rocks in the water are. In the dark is a detour around the rock pretty dangerous. The price, he demanded of us, was twice as high as usual. He did not negotiate but. Unfortunately, we had no choice, and went with him to Don Det. To get to Don Khon, Don Det must traverse completely (4 km). A bridge connects the two islands. With our heavy backpacks we looked at Don Det for a Tuk Tuk, to quickly get to Don Khon. It was found but none. Thus, we decided that with our entire luggage 4km run. Luckily we had our head lamps to overcome this to be the dark and bumpy road. Along the way we kept asking us to go if someone could. After a long time we had luck and found a nice Laotians, The succession brought us his moped to Don Khon. We were thrilled, because with our backpacks in the dark it would have been walking quite exhausting.

Finally on Don Khon, we had "only" find our accommodation. We had reserved only for the next day, but wanted to ask anyway, even if a room is available. Unfortunately, no one knew the name of the guest house, so we decided to eat somewhere a little first. The restaurant owner knew the guest house and I borrowed from a Swiss couple, which was also in the restaurant, a bike to see where it is. Meanwhile, it had been raining heavily and the road, or rather the way was very soggy. Heading along the way and stood at the water buffalo. Her eyes glowed green in the light of my head torch and I had to be careful, I did not go into it in. After a while, I finally found the guesthouse. It was pretty much the end of the road. The owner said, he must close for a while because he is taken to hospital. He had also informed us about it by email, that we had received but not yet. So I went back to the restaurant and the two Swiss (Louis and Leila) told us, that among them are many bungalows are free and all the key from the outside plug. So, if the owner is not as late as (It was already 21:30 clock), we could just take a bungalow and tell about it the next morning. But there was still someone awake, and thus we finally found a roof over their heads. We got a bamboo bungalow with a terrace to the Mekong and were now neighbors of the couple's Swiss.

The next day we, except our blog and planning a trip to Cambodia, no further action. It was at 35 ° C in the shade extremely hot and the air was in the bungalow. At night we could not sleep because of the heat so well.

Cycling through Don Khon

On Sunday, we rented bikes and explored the island so. We drove through small villages, dense forest, on dirt roads and over rapids. The rapids we met Laotian children, the chameleons were busy to hunt with a slingshot. She proudly showed us their former prey. They asked us, if we had a pen for them. We gave them one and they rejoiced. Since she still had thirst, we gave them also have a half bottle of water we.

During the midday heat we've taken a break, and in the late afternoon we are the bikes to the waterfall "Indeed Somphamit" (Li Phi Falls) Park. The waterfall consists of several rapids between many rocks. It is very wide and despite the dry season takes a lot of water. We were very surprised by the enormous dimensions. Indeed Somphamit among the Mekong cases, a cascading waterfall on the Mekong River near the border with Cambodia. Over a distance of more than 10km from the river falls over 21 meters. The Mekong River Falls is the widest waterfall in the world.