Bamboo Bridge To Kho Paen Island

Kratie was the next stop on our trip. We should by 6:15 clock will be picked up, but also in Cambodia, the clocks tick differently. About 20 minutes later, then finally came the tuk tuk driver, to take us to the bus station. We were six people, each with large backpacks and should in the Tuk Tuk, which was built for a maximum of 4 people. After a brief discussion with the driver itself squeezed five of us on the seats and Seppel has voluntarily placed externally on the tuk tuk.

Despite the lateness of the tuk tuks in time we reached the bus station on time and could start the ride to Kratie. Sometime it rumbled violently and the bus stopped. A tire had burst and had to be replaced. Joining forces to have the bus driver and his “Wizard” changed the tires and with a half-hour delay could go on the trip. Despite the small incident we needed for the entire trip only 4,5 instead of the estimated 6 hours. Perhaps "larger" margins are already included in the calculation. Kratie we searched together with Britney a guesthouse. After we had not agreed to a guest house in the "prison cell" and we have also looked at some other rooms, we opted for the “Oudom Sambath Guesthouse”. In Lemon Shakes and Khmer food we then spent the rest of the day.

The next day we wanted to explore Koh Trong. Koh Trong is a small, pretty original island, the middle of the Mekong River opposite the town of Kratie. Actually we wanted to rent mopeds, but since you can take poorly on the small ferry mopeds, we rented bikes. You can also drive around the island on a bullock cart.
There are the typical wooden houses on stilts, a small floating Vietnamese village, one Wat and many mango- and Pomelobäume.
In the afternoon we went to some bargaining with a tuk tuk driver to Kampi. There you can see the rare Irrawaddy dolphins. We hired a boat and went out just as the sun slowly sank. We were lucky to get some dolphins to face. The special feature of this dolphin is, that the typical dolphin snout missing. Also, they do not jump out of the water like Flipper. They only appear every few minutes to breathe. During the ride back to the tuk tuk by the very original environment many locals have friendly and waved "Hello" called.