View from our bungalow

After breakfast, we were on time at 8:00 Clock picked up by a minibus and then rallied but only a few other passengers a. Again squeeze more passengers than seats were on board so we had four of us in a three-seat row. But luckily it was only an hour drive up to our transfer point in Ou Chamnar. We were the only ones who got out there and were already 10 Moto-riders (Moto were Moped Taxis genannt) receive, the same also our backpacks ripped out of our hands. Each of them, of course, wanted us to go.
Our destination was the small island of Koh Thmei in the south of Cambodia. You can only get there by boat. Ou Chamnar to the small fishing village, Koh Kchhang Fishing Village, wo das Boot losfährt, there were 7 km. We asked one of the moto driver about the price and he wanted $ 5! But we knew, that it usually does not cost more than $ 2 Moto. So we have not discussed at length with them. Since the two riders had already caught our big backpacks and packed on her moped, we took them to the Fishing Village. Seppel driver does have to charge a higher price during the journey continues to try, but we have not agreed to it. Da muss man ziemlich hartnäckig sein 😉
The boat of our accommodation “Koh Thmei Resort” waited between many fishing boats and wooden houses on stilts in muddy water. Then it went first through mangroves and finally to the open sea. The ride itself was an adventure, because it started to rain pretty and the boat rocked on the waves quite. After an hour but we were well received on Koh Thmei and the rain stopped. There are only a resort with 8 bungalows and a border police station - nothing else. Finally we were at sea plus on a desert island!
The bungalows are right on the beach and has a beautiful view of the sea and neighboring islands. Michael and Kavita, the two owners, come from Hanover and you can see the bungalows the good work of German value.

After we had eaten delicious fish, we walked a lap on the beach, where there are plenty of beautiful shells. And then we drove for a refreshing dip in the sea.
With the sound of waves in your ears and we fell asleep with loud thunder and rain we woke up the next morning again. Unfortunately the weather was not so good, rather stormy and rainy again. But in the afternoon it finally stopped raining and we were a little walk on the beach and collect shells. I would love to take all, they are so beautiful, but we have not even so much space in our backpacks.
The next morning we heard from Michael, that in a night- and fog action their boat “save” had. Due to the high waves it had been sunk and washed ashore. They tried to save, what could be saved. Luckily there was nobody needs to injured. The boat had to be picked up the next day to repair but.

In our bungalow we had a few “Roommate”. Besides the peaceful Gecko “Helmut” (so we named him), Unfortunately, we had also other, less friendly roommate – Rats. First, our soaps were gone. Then one of my flip flops, I again found lower shelf next morning. As it turned out later, the rat had eaten all the straps and I hope, keep my shoes for a while. In addition, the rat has also been nibbling a hole in my little backpack to get to the chocolate, da drin war. Of the chocolate she has eaten nothing but. This stupid critters!

On our last day on Koh Thmei, the sea was calm again and perfect weather. We decided to take the kayak to the neighboring island of Koh Ses. Koh Ses is an uninhabited island, there are no bungalows. There is however a beautiful, lonely beach and good snorkeling can be there. After an hour of paddling we finally reached the island. Unfortunately, the visibility was not as good under water, so we could not snorkel. Thus, we have enjoyed the silence and solitude of the island and then made our way back again. But in the evening we noticed already, that we had got a sunburn.

The next morning we say goodbye to the beautiful island of Koh Thmei. Together with Michael, Elena and Helen from the resort we took the boat back to the Fishing Village. Michael made his weekly shopping trip, Helen and Elena had their day. The sea was smooth as glass and we even saw a few dolphins. Michael took us in the back of pick-ups to Sihanoukville, The next stop of our trip.

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