Our train is being turned for the return journey

The arrival in Battambang was a real adventure. Although we were already warned by Cliff and Joyce, But we never thought, that wait at the bus terminal so many tuk tuk driver for us. The tuk tuk driver literally stormed the bus and kept us constantly billboards of guest houses under the nose. It was a real gauntlet. Fortunately, however, we already had a room in Seng Hout Hotel reserved. And our tuk tuk driver was waiting for us Devid. The hotel and the driver were recommended to us a few weeks ago from an elderly woman from London in Ban Lung. To us in the tuk tuk were joined by Jacqueline (from Bern) und Juliette (aus Paris).

After check-in we were able to enjoy our trip to the luxury of a pool for the first time. The pool on the 3. Floor of the hotel was a welcome cooling. We also booked along with Jacqueline and Juliette, the tuk tuk driver for the next day Devid. He should drive us to the highlights of Battambang. In the evening we explored the town a little, desperately searched for a hairdresser myself and let the evening at an Indian restaurant food Flavors of India end.

At 8 clock started our tour with Devid. On the way to the bamboo train we stopped at the monument of “Mr. Battambang” Devid and told us the history of the city and how it get its name “Battambang” came. Then we went to the bamboo train, which is a part of the history of Cambodia. After Cambodia entgültig was after the time of the Khmer Rouge on the ground, people have been trying to get her life back slowly into the handle. Since there were no more trains, were transporting two axes placed on the rails, a bamboo raft on it and a small motor attached to the drive and finished was the heavy load transporters. Up to 7t were so transported per train on the still reasonably intact railway line between Battambang and Phnom Penh.
Today, trains and tourists about. 20 minutes back to a small village and again. The ride was not very comfortable, because the tracks often had some gaps and you can feel every little bump right. But it was fun. On the way back to the hotel we still have over a 100 years old traditional house and a monument, a five-member Naga serpent of old weapons, viewed.

Arrived at the hotel I first asked Devid, if he can recommend a hairdresser near and he drove me to the next hairdresser parlor. Hair and beard cut ears including professional cleaning for just $ 2. Our tour with Devid should then continue until the afternoon, so we at lunch again were able to take a dip in pool.

15 clock we went to the mountain “Phnom Sampeou” Park. A stopover we have placed at a street stall, where it fried frogs, Snakes, Was locusts and beetles. A small bag of locusts but we have also purchased. On the “Phnom Sampeou” There is a temple. Again, the Khmer Rouge have left their mark. The mountain was used as a prison for murdering the people, the slain in the “Killing Caves” have fallen down.
Since Devid is not a trained tourist guides, he could not bring us to the mountain. Some of the tour guides are in fact controlled by the police. Therefore we have 2 children on the mountain, the temple and the “Killing Caves” accompanied. This is tolerated by the police, because the children thereby to earn a little money for school.
In the mountains there is also a huge bat cave in the 10 million bats live to. Every day at dusk happens there an impressive natural spectacle. Literally millions of bats stream out of the cave to 70km to go too far in search of food. Some of the fascinating formations form swarms.

The evening we spent relaxing with a beer in the pool. The next morning it was already back on to Phnom Penh.