“Even the longest journey begins with the first step, the path is made by walking.”
The first step – the decision to travel the world – is now quite a while ago. We can not say exactly, When we have decided to. Vor ca. We have started 6 months then intensively with preparations. Since there was quite a lot to do. Many people have asked, because what one has to do everything, here's a short excerpt of it:
  • Learn to research destinations and itineraries create
  • first flight & Book accommodation
  • Medical Insurance finish
  • Get visas
  • international driving license request
  • Insurance offices and inform
  • Auto log off
  • special credit request, with which you can withdraw money free world
  • Vaccinations
  • Cancel contracts
  • important documents put together
  • Equipment purchase
  • Postnachsendeauftrag ask
  • uvm.