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27. October 2013
Skyline Von Perth

Perth – in Western Australia

Actually the way from Indonesia to the west of Australia is not so far. But since we started in Raja Ampat, we had first of Sorong to Makassar, von Makassar nach […]

26. October 2013
Flag of Indonesia

Goodbye – Goodbye Indonesia!

7 weeks we were traveling in Indonesia and have still only seen a fraction of the largest island state. Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world and is distributed to more than […]

14. October 2013
Yellowtail Snapper

Diving Paradise Raja Ampat

Only during our trip we have ever heard for the first time from Raja Ampat. And the more we heard about, the greater our expectations were also, because travelers swarmed only […]

8. October 2013
Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island – Between Komodo and Flores

From the end we flew to the west of Flores, Labuan not BAJO. A boat took us out of there in 2 hours after Kanawa, a small island between Flores and the […]

4. October 2013
On The Kelimutu

Auf Flowers – The three-colored lakes of Kelimutu

From other travelers we have heard from the Indonesian island of Flores and they have recorded spontaneously in our travel planning. The flight from Bali to Flores led many islands with beautiful […]

1. October 2013
Paste Tanah Lot

Reunion with good friends in Seminyak

Seminyak is just a few miles from Sanur and we had arranged to meet here with our friend Kristin and her boyfriend Bertrand from Hamburg. Seminyak is very touristy and […]