10. December 2013
Let's go

Sand surfing and endless beaches

From Cape Reinga we went to the Te Paki Giant Sand Dunes. The 100m high dunes can be overcome with the sand board and we did not want to miss these fun us […]

7. December 2013
Kap Hell

To Cape Reinga in the north of New Zealand

In the pouring rain, we picked up our camper in Auckland and Thought, worse, the weather can not be yes. And lo and behold, shortly after we left Auckland behind us, […]

4. December 2013
Skyline And Harbor View

Kia ora Zealand!

“Kia ora "is the greeting of the Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, and it is still used in everyday language. Auckland on the North Island was our first destination in New Zealand. At […]

Flag of Australia

Good bye Australia!

Almost six weeks we spent in Australia. Sorry, we could discover at this time only a small part of this vast country. Australia is also much larger than Europe. […]

27. November 2013
Opera House

Sydney, the city on the southeast coast of Australia

Sydney is the largest city in Australia and we liked it there super. We even had a personal guide. Seppel Kumpel Stefan, They know each other since kindergarten, […]

21. November 2013
Skyline Von Melbourne

In Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia

Compared to Perth and Adelaide Melbourne worked right from the start as a real city. Even when running over the huge bridge we could see the skyline. We have here […]

19. November 2013
Twelve Apostles

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful streets of Australia. It leads to a length of 243km of Allansford up to Torquay, a portion of which goes directly to the coast. Also […]

16. November 2013
Adelaide Von Oben

Adelaide on the south coast of Australia

On Saturday afternoon our flight to Adelaide. We arrived in the evening, da es here 2,5h time difference to Perth are. Our seatmate on the plane came from Adelaide and […]

12. November 2013
Wave Rock

Australia's South West Part 4 – Wave Rock, York, Perth

Passing barren landscapes and some ghost towns, we could only guess how life was at the time of the Gold Rush, our trip led us from Kalgoorlie to Wave Rock. Der Wave Rock ist […]

11. November 2013
Riesige Baggerschaufel An Der Super Pit Goldmine

Australia's South West Part 3 – Kalgoorlie

The Goldgräberstadt Kalgoorlie, 400km von Esperance, was our next destination. Right and left of the road, extended forests and snow-white salt lakes. From time to time we came the huge "Road Trains" […]

5. November 2013
… Und Noch Ein Känguru

Australia's South West Part 2 – Windy Harbour, Albany, Esperance

On the way to Windy Harbour in “D'Entrecasteaux Nationalpark” sahen wir zum ersten Mal lebendige Kängurus 🙂 Seppel legte fast eine Vollbremsung hin als ich sagte, dass ich eins gesehen […]

2. November 2013
überall Schöne Weinberge

Australia's South West Part 1 – Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Augusta

Two weeks we crossed with a camper Australia's South West. The first was a change, because for almost a year I did not drive more car and then drive […]

27. October 2013
Skyline Von Perth

Perth – in Western Australia

Actually the way from Indonesia to the west of Australia is not so far. But since we started in Raja Ampat, we had first of Sorong to Makassar, von Makassar nach […]

26. October 2013
Flag of Indonesia

Goodbye – Goodbye Indonesia!

7 weeks we were traveling in Indonesia and have still only seen a fraction of the largest island state. Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world and is distributed to more than […]

14. October 2013
Yellowtail Snapper

Diving Paradise Raja Ampat

Only during our trip we have ever heard for the first time from Raja Ampat. And the more we heard about, the greater our expectations were also, because travelers swarmed only […]