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29. May 2013
Blick Vom Penang Hill Auf George Town

“Pearl of the Orients” – The island of Penang, on the west coast of Malaysia

Penang is our first stop in Malaysia and Malaysia is the first Muslim country on our trip. From Railay Beach it first went by boat to Krabi and from […]

Flag of Thailand

Laa goon Thailand! – Goodbye Thailand!

The “Land of Smiles” makes its name. Especially in the north and north-east we had the impression, that us locals always very friendly and with a smile […]

24. May 2013
Am Phra Nang Beach

Railay Beach – Surrounded by towering limestone cliffs

The night ferry from Koh Tao to Surat Thani was like a hostel with a giant dormitory. Approximately 40 bunk beds stood in a large room and we could well until the arrival […]

11. May 2013

Diving on Koh Tao

After 7h bus to Chumphon and another 2 hours on a catamaran we finally arrived at Koh Tao. Koh Tao is an island off the southeast coast of Thailand. The name […]

6. May 2013
Rush Hour In Bangkok

Back in Bangkok

After 109 days of travel for us there was a reunion with Bangkok. Here we put on the path of Cambodia in the south of Thailand for a few days for an overnight stay. […]

Flagge Von Kambodscha

Li alive Cambodia! – Goodbye Cambodia!

Almost 7 weeks we were traveling in Cambodia. We have this land and the people are really fascinated. The terrible past has made us very concerned. We did not advance very […]

1. May 2013
In The Mangroves

Koh Kong – Surrounded by jungle and mangrove

Koh Kong is a small village 10 km from the Thai border and was the last stop on our tour Cambodia. The place itself has not much to offer, but for […]