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11. May 2014
The famous statue of liberty

New York, New York

... But before we flew only a few days left until the end of our world trip back to Germany, we made a stopover in the city that never sleeps, in New York. […]

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¡Chao Bolivia!

Bolivia is a country of contrasts. With enormous differences in height it extends from just above the seabed to over 6500m high mountains. We experienced hot here, rainy days in the Amazon jungle […]

7. May 2014

Salar de Uyuni – The largest salt lake in the world

Once again we had an early out of bed. A 4:15 clock we packed our luggage into the taxi and made our way to the airport. Our flight went to Uyuni […]

4. May 2014
La Paz From the Killi Killi viewpoint

Back in La Paz

After 4 days in the Amazon rain forest, the contrast could not be greater for us. Welcome back to the urban jungle! From 200 we flew in 40 minutes to ca. 4000m above sea level and spent […]

1. May 2014
By boat to the jungle lodge


The Madidi National Park do not actually stand on our Itinerary. I once had thought when reading the guide some time ago, that it would be great even a trip to the […]