A magnificent water buffalo

For the trip from Phnom Penh to Kampot we had a "private "Minibus, because we were only 4 passengers (including Seppel, Tamara und mir). So it was back seats fold and find a comfortable sleeping position.
Arrived in Kampot we went to our accommodation “In Kampot und Icecream Palace“. The tip we got from Boris and Vroni. The room was very small (therefore we are after 2 days but moved again), but there were very delicious cake and it smelt gorgeous. Unfortunately, I could smell nothing of it, I had been quite a cold Phnom Penh :-(.

Kampot is located on the same Kampot River and is known for its pepper plantations, The Durian Fruit (also known as stinky fruit, because it smells quite unpleasant) and salt fields. The pepper from Kampot, Cambodia is einzigstes's food, which is exported worldwide.

Mopedausflug zur Bokor Hill Station (13. April 2013)

The next day we went by motorbike to Bokor Hill Station. The Bokor Hill Station is 40 km away on a 1200m high mountain. The French first one there in the 20s “Retreat” built to escape the heat.

Up the mountain to a curvy road. The road is but one of the best in Cambodia, because the whole area was purchased by an investor and in the coming years there will arise a leisure resort. A huge casino and a hotel has just been completed only.

But the fascinating thing about the Bokor Hill Station are the preserved old and abandoned buildings and the view is lying on the foot of the mountain jungle, the coast and the sea.

The old hotel has us very impressed, because you can walk through the whole labyrinthine building. Unfortunately, it has lost its charm but sexy, since it was renovated last year. The ghostly and mysterious atmosphere but you can still imagine, especially when wind and fog enveloped the hotel.

When we moved in the late afternoon but thick clouds and it began to rain heavily. We waited in the hotel and wanted to get back home when the rain stopped or slowed. Since we do to our accommodation needed at least an hour and it soon began to dawn, we went in the pouring rain on the way. But luckily we had with a rain poncho, in the second we cut a head hole, so we both fit under it. On the way back dense fog and heavy rain alternated. Shortly before our accommodation, the road was flooded knee-deep, and almost gave up our engine. But fortunately there were only a few meters and Dopey pushed the moped through the water up to the guest house. Pitschenass we were looking forward to a hot shower.

Radtour durch Kampot (14. April 2013)

The place Kampot and especially the waterfront are really nice and the river there is a good view of the mountains. In the streets you can still see many buildings from the French colonial period. We learned from an Australian expatriate, that the place had been recently renovated and beautified, as a visit of the Prime Minister stood before.

By bike we explored the small town and its us “Attractions”, the old French bridge, the old cinema, the prison and the durian- and looked at the salt statue Manufacturer.
In Kampot it was very quiet, this was because, just the Cambodian New Year was. Many Cambodians then go home to their families. The festival itself, we have heard nothing except the many shops, Restaurants and guesthouses were closed. In others Orten, especially in Thailand, The New Year is celebrated vigorously.

To the salt fields (15. April 2013)

Today there was a reunion with Britney, Joyce und Cliff. Together we took a bike ride to the salt fields around Kampot. Over fairly bumpy and muddy dirt roads it went past water buffalo, Salt deposits and filled with salt water as far as the eye fields. The view was really nice. The locals called us constantly "Hello" and contrary to some children gave us flowers.

In the evening we had a farewell dinner, because now the paths of fond friends parted: Joyce, Cliff and Britney moved on to Vietnam and Cambodia to the southwest, we. We hope we see the three again soon, maybe in Indonesia…