Twelve Apostles

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful streets of Australia. It leads to a length of 243km of Allansford up to Torquay, a portion of which goes directly to the coast. Also, we wanted to see this part of Australia and therefore drove over 1000km from Adelaide to Melbourne. We were lucky and found a car, that should be brought for the car rental company from Adelaide back to Melbourne. Most tourists go namely in the opposite direction. Since we returned the car, we got it almost free. The only "hook" thing was, that we only had a limited time for, namely three days.
Unfortunately we had not been so lucky with the weather. It was mostly cloudy, rainy, windy and quite cold to. The first night we stayed in the resort robe on a lake. On the second day we drove along the Great Ocean Road. The cliffs and rocks in the water are very impressive. We looked u.a. the decayed “London Bridge” and the famous “Twelve Apostles” ,. The “Twelve Apostles” were formerly thought to be 12 rocks in the sea, but today one sees only 7 of which.
The second night in our camper jeep we spent at sea in Kennet River. We had read previously, that here there should be at the campsite koalas and the next morning we have discovered in the trees. Unfortunately it was still raining and we drove along the coast to Melbourne, where we arrived but in the sunshine.