Riesige Baggerschaufel An Der Super Pit Goldmine

The Goldgräberstadt Kalgoorlie, 400km von Esperance, was our next destination. Right and left of the road, extended forests and snow-white salt lakes. From time to time we came the huge "Road Trains" contrary, These are trucks with up to three trailers and a length of 60m. After 5 hours we reached Kalgoorlie. The city lies on the “Golden Mile”, one of the largest veins of gold in the world. 1893 Patrick Hannan discovered here the first gold and Kalgoorlie was. The place is known for its Super Pit Gold Mine. It is with 5km width, 1,5 km in length and 360 meters in depth, the largest gold mine in Australia and promotes open pit annually 28 tons of gold. A very good view of the mine we had from the Super Pit Lookout and even saw an explosion.
But before we started with the story of Kalgoorlie and the gold fever in the Western Australian Museum smart. We also learned, that the Super Pit is to be closed in 2021, and thus the city's future is uncertain.
In the streets you can still see many beautiful buildings from the gold rush period in 1900 and we could imagine how it was back then here. Kalgoorlie still looks like a town from the wild west. Of the many hotels, Pubs, Breweries and brothels are only received some.