Wave Rock

Passing barren landscapes and some ghost towns, we could only guess how life was at the time of the Gold Rush, our trip led us from Kalgoorlie to Wave Rock. Wave Rock is a huge rock, looks from the side like a petrified wave. Since there are 500km to get there, we arrived in the late afternoon. After exploring the Wave Rock, we looked for a campsite and watched from there one of the most beautiful sunsets.
The next day our goal was to go to York. We passed the Tin Horse Highway. When we heard the first time about it, we could not imagine what it was. But then we saw the horse sculptures out of tins and cans, standing on a stretch of 100km along the road. The whole landscape was dominated by golden wheat fields as far as we could see, which is why it probably called " (Wheatbelt) ". In between, we made a detour to Kockerbin rock, Australia's third largest monolith.
In York, we spent our last night and next day we drove back to Perth to drop the camper van. Over the past 12 days we covered more than 3000km.
We had a very nice and special last night in Perth. In the 70s, the brother of my grandma emigrated with his family to Australia. Before we started our trip in January, I already contacted Monika and Jörg (cousins of my mom) .. Jörg invited us to a barbecue on Friday to his home. His daughter Kristy (so my second cousin) and her friend Danielle we had met in the afternoon in the city for a coffee and they have taken us to their home. We had a great evening and were able to get to know us a little closer. We are so sorry that we missed it to take a family picture. But we will definitely see us again soon.
Thanks again Julie, Kristy, Danielle, Rebecca, Monika, Trav, Geoff, Yogi und Bundaberg!!! It was very nice with you and we are very happy to come back. But you are also always warmly welcome!