Durch Blumenwiesen Zum Gipfel Des Rocky Mountain

From Lake Wanaka we could already see the snowy peaks, the highest, Mount Aspiring. With over 3000m he is after Mount Cook is the second highest mountain in New Zealand. We wanted to look at the mountains but not only from below the distance. Therefore, we drove our camper to Diamond Lake and from there made a hike to the 800m high rocky mountain. From the top we had a great 360 degree views of Lake Wanaka and the mountains of Mount Aspiring National Park.
In the afternoon we went back to Wanaka and we visited there the Puzzling World. This is not just for children, but has also made enormous fun. It is there mainly to optical illusions. For example, there is a completely lopsided house, even the floors in the rooms are extremely skewed. It was really weird to walk in it, or simply just standing. The sense of balance was as pretty messed up. To conclude, we are in a huge maze and after we felt 30 times stood in the same place again and again, we found after 2 hours finally the output. I thought we never come out of there.
Through the mountains of the Aspiring National Park on the Haast River along we drove a few hours up in Haast. Here we stayed at a small campsite, where there was quite a lot of sand flies. These small flies are pretty annoying. Your stitches are similar to those of mosquitoes, itch only that they are much longer and stronger.