clown fish

The Perhentian Islands are located off the east coast of Malaysia in the South China Sea. The islands are covered by jungle and surrounded by coves and white sand beaches. There are no roads. Popular are the Perhentians for their marine life and thus well suited for diving and snorkeling. That was also the reason, has led us here.
With a minibus we drove 5 hours from the Cameron Highlands to Kuala Besut on the coast. From there we went by speedboat to Coral Bay on Perhentian Kecil, the smaller of the two Perhentian Islands. On the way we learned Claudia and Andreas know from Austria and together we headed to room search. It was not so easy, because either the guest houses were quite descent, booked or too expensive. Finally, we found two bungalows Senja Resort.
The next day we began to explore the island a bit and plan the next days. We booked the Quiver Dive Team 4 fun dives and dived while snorkeling in the beautiful underwater world. After an hour of snorkeling at Golden Beach I discovered a Blacktip. It was a strange feeling the first time a 1,To meet 5m long predatory fish under water. Unfortunately, he was also quite away quickly, so that Nicole could not see him. In the evening it was still over on the other side of the island, for Long Beach. On mats in the sand, we enjoyed cold beer, smoked shisha and watched a fire show at.
At noon the next day we had our first fun dive. It went down to 26m to 90m long an old ship wreck “Sugar Wreck”. It was really quite fascinating, especially since we were there the first time a bambooshark, a coral catshark, Saw scorpion fish and lionfish. We are also dipped for the first time with strong underwater currents. Nicole made it to the wreck also a painful acquaintance with a sea urchin. She noted only a short prick. On the ship, we saw 9 spines in their calf, since as they “Souvenir” carries with it. But fortunately it does not hurt anymore. But it can take a long time until they grow out. In the afternoon we went to even “Shark Point”. As the name suggests,, we should see sharks there actually. Unfortunately, we did not see a single shark and the visibility was pretty bad too.
For the next day we had booked a snorkeling trip. We were also first to take a break from diving. A boat took us to 4 different places: Shark Point, Fish Point, Turtle Point und Romantic Beach. At Shark Point, we saw no sharks again, but a lot of clown fish, also known as Nemo. At Turtle Point we saw 2 huge underwater turtles, the grazing peacefully like cows on pasture there. Finally, we made a stop at the Romantic Bay. As the name suggests,, see the beach from here very romantic, in a beautiful, secluded bay. Here we met an underwater Blacktip, a ray, Triggerfish and very many clownfish in their anemones.
The next two days we were once each dive. Although this time the underwater visibility was not so good, we were able to see some animals, z.B. Sharks, Rays, Drückerfische, Moraines, Sea snails, Ball- and boxfish.
After 6 nights, but then we packed our bags and made our way into the rainforest, zum Taman Negara…