Wat Suan Dok

Together with Tamara, we have explored Chiang Mai bike. First, we went to the local market and then to a picnic in the Nong buak Hat Park has. Here we have the afternoon to a small lake talk, spent in the Sun and eating fruits.

Before the Sun went down are to the WAT suan dok cycled. And "cycled" is actually the wrong word. We had to drive a four-lane road full of cars and mopeds along. But it looks more dangerous than it is. Everyone moves carefully and brakes when z.B. someone changes the track. Tamara and I wanted to go but then maybe back through the small streets. But many dogs were here and soon we ended up in a dead end, so we but eventually opted for the "large" main street.

After dinner, then Marianne came about and we have our delicious mojitos (for the time being) spent last evening.