You see Nicole?

Actually we wanted to stay another night longer in Chiang Khan, but our guesthouse was booked and so a longer bus ride was once again. The Austrians have adopted toward Myanmar by us and we went further with Britney. It was first with the tuk tuk to the bus station in Chiang Khan, then take the bus to Loei, to change to another bus after Phitsanoluk, next to old Sukhothai and finally the Songthaew (spoken "Song täo") According to new Sukhothai. Overall, we were 6,5 Hours on the road. The tuk tuk and Songthaew riders must being quite careful and bargain to a cheap price. Otherwise is one ripped off really. There are though not large amounts, but still they try to pull more out of his pocket a always first. We have paid after all 20 baht and later learned, that other tourists have paid 50 baht.

In the evening we went back on a street kitchen and we have the specialty "Sukhotai Noodles" for 30 baht (0,75 Euro) tried. These are long rice noodles with pork strips, Minced meat, dried shrimp and green beans in delicious flavored broth. So far the best soup in Thailand.

At night, it has pretty much sensed and rained. But fortunately it stopped again the next morning, so that we could continue with the Songthaew to old Sukhothai. The ruins there, which were declared a world heritage, are very widely scattered. We have looked at only a part of it. In the afternoon, then again dark clouds moved up and we made our therefore once again on the way back to our accommodation. There we spent the rest of the day and have tried an other street kitchen in the evening.