Wassergraben Um Die Altstadt Von Chiang Mai

From Lampang to Chiang Mai are around 2 hours by bus. We arrived in the early afternoon and used the Songthaew to our guesthouse "Kamala", I could book by phone in morning, fortunately. All other requested accommodations were already fully booked. Chiang Mai is very touristy, You can see almost more tourists than locals. As a result, it is not so easy to find a room. Since our room in “Kamalas” with shared bathroom was relatively expensive, " we just searched for an cheaper alternative for the next day and found something in "Diva-guesthouse”, which is owned by a Swiss and his Thai wife, (even with private bathroom) reserved.

In the afternoon, we have explored a part of the old town with Britney walking and looked at some Wats. On the way back we found then still a fruit shake stand, He had even avocado shake on sale. We knew the still of our Bali holiday. Here he has unfortunately not taste quite so delicious.

The next morning we had breakfast delicious fruit salad with papaya, Dragon fruit, Melon, Strawberries, Mango, Thai Apple and on top yogurt and Müsli. Fortified are we dawdling a bit through Chiang Mai and have dedicated in the coffee shop once again us our blog.

Hence the sightseeing comes not too short, are we walking in the afternoon and a few Wats to Chinatown. Among other things, we were at the WAT Bupharam where is the world's largest teak carved Buddha. Chinese district, there is a great market Hall, that has a huge selection of fabrics at the top. On the ground floor, there is all the food, Vegetables, Dry fish, Obst… In the Muslim Quarter, we tried the speciality of Chiang Mai. “Khao SOI"is a type of noodle soup with yellow curry, Meat, Coconut milk and scattered on top of crispy fried noodles, Onions and pickled cabbage.

We quietly went on the next day. We have sought us a cozy café to enter once again a couple of entries in our blog. As you have seen, We have come very far and were almost up to date.

In the evening we met Britney for a farewell cocktail. It has adopted the next day in the direction of Pai by us.