Blog world tour 00390

Actually we wanted to stay 2 nights in Phimai, but we've seen everything in one day what the small town has to offer we went today towards the Mekong River. Our goal was the beautiful town of Nong Khai. It is in northern Thailand near the Mekong River on the border with Laos, 620 km from Bangkok. The bus ride took 5 h. First we thought the route is too long for a day and wanted to stay so halfway. But the Nice hostel owners in Phimai told us, that we can create the tour easily in one day. We searched in the morning, the bus station and met here on Britney from America. Since we we were not sure, whether the bus actually drove from this stop, She asked some tuk-tuk driver and shortly afterwards she came back with a Thai couple, that 10 km took us up to the next transfer point, from then the bus drove towards Nong Khai. The very nice Thai wife gave decision then also equal yet the bus ticket seller,where we want to and we had then the right tickets in hand. The people here are really friendly and helpful.

10 Minutes later then our bus and the trip to the Mekong River could begin. Various flying dealers in the bus arrived at major bus stops, to sell their homemade snacks and drinks. We were the only foreigners (thail.: Farang) in the bus.

We had to then get in the city of Udon Thani and were to store drivers immediately by several tuk tuk. As we said we want to what bus, helped them equally. Only the ticket was still missing. Watched on our luggage while Sebastian, has a friendly man to the ticket hut accompanied me and ordered the tickets for us.

Arrived in Nong Khai we took a tuk tuk "to our Guest HouseMut Mee"Taken. It is the oldest and most popular Traveller accommodation along the Mekong River and it is beautiful here. We have a room with a private terrace with views of the Mekong. The individual houses are located in a beautiful garden and you can here super relax and feel at home.

And again, we have our acquaintances from the jungle tour, Tamara and Marianne from England, taken and share the evening with a drink at the bar of a ship (Floating bar) sound off on the Mekong.