In Tha Khaek

Our next destination was south Pakse. Since it to Pakse with 10 hours but a pretty long drive is, we have engaged in Tha Khaek stopover. This time we were allowed to sit in the front Songtheao, what was more comfortable while, but also warmer, because the AC was not working.
During the trip we came the first time, a van full of dogs in cages against. We had already read about it in the guide. The dogs are brought from Thailand to Vietnam and end up on your plate. The journey takes several days and sometimes the animals get nothing to eat or drink, so many of them die.
Nach 4 Stunden Fahrt kamen wir in Tha Khaek an und suchten uns ein Zimmer. Tha Khaek is a small and not very nice city. Tha Khaek is the starting point for many trekking- und Motoradtouren. Our room was more like a flophouse, not necessarily a place to feel. But the next day we wanted to continue anyway to Pakse.