Royal Palace

For today we have a visit to the Royal Palace with Wat Phra Kaew, in the Wat Pho and Chinatown made. Looking for the right way to the Royal Palace, we were fast from one “very helpful” Thai spoken. The Palace today because of a public holiday was allegedly, namely the “Day of the teacher”, closed until 1: 00 pm. But we could as alternative sights, z.B. the so-called “Happy Buddha” visit. Randomly, the entrance was there just today for free and randomly a tuk tuk was also driver, the us wanted to bring. Oddly enough told us the day before a tuk tuk driver tells exactly the same story. We politely declined and continued on our way toward the Palace on your own.
Shortly afterwards someone in turn approached us and asked if we already “Happy Buddha” had seen, the Royal Palace is closed today. Since we already knew this game, We said, that we yesterday during the “Happy Buddha” were, and he looked at quite incredulous and surprised us.
Arrived almost at our destination the next wanted to make believe us, that the Palace due to a holiday till 1 pm is closed. This time, the holiday was the last day in the year, tomorrow is new year's day according to the Buddhist calendar, He said. We ignored him and still vergewisserten us in our travel guide, that new year's is only in April. The Thais here have it really sly old dog behind the ears. Played directly on the walls of the Palace then also announcements, that the Palace is open every day. Inside was warned even on plates: “Beware of strangers, Tuk tuk drivers, Happy Buddha”.

The Royal Palace in Bangkok comprises over 100 buildings and the temple complex is Wat Phra Khaeo the impressive tourist attraction in Bangkok. From a distance you can see already the high white walls of Palace. Through the huge gates, which are flanked by gigantic guardian figures, Once steps elephants through.

Next, BB´s went to the Wat Pho, the main attraction of the famous 46 metres long and 15 metres high gold-plated this Buddha statue is.
Then we were on the way to Chinatown…