Hooker Valley

Before it went to the highest mountain in New Zealand, we made an overnight stop in Glenn Tanner Park am Lake Pukaki. Unfortunately, the sky was gray and cloudy here, so that we could see the 3724m high Mount Cook and the surrounding mountains only imagine. We were hoping for better weather for the next day, because we wanted to go in the Mount Cook National Park hiking.
When we looked after a rainy night from the window, we again saw only gray clouds. But then suddenly the sun came out and we could even see from the breakfast table the snow-covered peak of Mount Cook – juhu! But all around he had a thick "clouds cloak". Unser Campingplatz war ca. 25km from the Mount Cook National Park and we set right after breakfast on the National Park.
We wandered through the Hooker Valley and saw the Mueller Glacier, the Mueller Lake and crossed several suspension bridges, which led over a glacier river. Everywhere flowed small glacial streams and waterfalls from the mountains down. It splashed and gurgled from all sides. Our goal was the Hooker Glacier. In his ice-blue glaciers glacier swam great pieces. Some Crazy winter tourists went to bathe in the icy water even. On the way to the frozen lake, the clouds were still quite deep and hidden the mountain peaks. But on the way back they broke up partially and the snow capped mountains and the glacier ice came more and more to the fore.
In the late afternoon we drove back along the beautiful Lake Pukaki. With the sun shining it right this time turquoise. We went through the mountains to Kurow, where we spent to break towards the east coast the next morning the night.