Triumph Bogen “patuxai”

After 3 hours we are in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, Arrived. As the bus station is pretty far outside, we had to find a tuk tuk, that brings us to the center of Vientiane. The price negotiations were quite difficult, since the tuk tuk driver was very persistent. Many tourists pay excessive prices and drive them hence into the air. We remained steadfast and in the end we went with a more favorable collective Songtheao, have paid but certainly still too much.

We put our big backpacks in the first guesthouse, that we have looked at, off and went on the search. After we had looked at several rooms and many guest houses were already full or such high prices demanded, we found a pretty good room "Sinnakhone Hotel“. We picked up our backpacks, moved into our accommodation and plunged into the "big city life". Vientiane ist mit ca. 300.000 The largest city in Laos. Everything is quite expensive e.g.. our room costs more than twice as much as in Vang Vieng, Unfortunately this is not twice as good or twice as large.

In the evening we are still walking on the wide promenade along the banks of the Mekong.

The next day we went on a bike tour of Vientiane. Past it was at the Presidential Palace, verschiedenen Wats (Buddhist temples) and also on a huge market, we were. The market was divided into different areas: z.B. there were several courses only with shoes, other substances were, T-Shirts, Blouses, Pants, Appliances, Jewelry and more. For vegetables and meat, there was an extra-market. "Covered" everything was patched up with plastic sheeting.

Vientiane has a street with an arch similar to the Champs Elysees in Paris. You can go up to the top of the Arc de Triomphe and has a beautiful view of the city.

In the afternoon we had discovered a mini-market, in which there was even German asparagus and pickles and to our great joy and Milka Schoki from Lörrach! 🙂 Da mussten wir natürlich gleich eine Tafel kaufen. Have not eaten well for a long time no more delicious chocolate.

In the evening we are with the wheels down on the banks of the Mekong along and walk across the dry river bed in the sunset walks.