Flag of Peru

After 20 days, we returned to the land of the Incas and alpacas back on. The culture, the landscape, people, the food… everything here has us very intrigued and we have many colorful images of Peru in the head and of course some on our camera.

The longer we were traveling in South America and the more we have experienced here, the better we liked it in this spot on earth. In Peru, especially the people and their culture have been very impressed. In their colorful traditional clothes they were always a very special eye-catcher. Many of the indigenous people of Peru still speak Quechua, the language of the Incas. The landscapes are beautiful and just the Machu Picchu was for us a very special highlight. Peru had also seen culinary for us a lot to offer: Alpaca meat, Quinoa, fresh fish and guinea pigs.
It is definitely a country, what we would like to travel again, because there is still so much more to discover.