That tastes good

After breakfast, we are with a 'private' Songtheaw to the "Thai elephant conservation Center" driven. Because we have negotiated a price for the trip with the driver, He followed us almost at every step, Thus we also with him go back. Flucht unmöglich 😉
"In the"Thai elephant conservation Center"is u.a. an elephant hospital and an elephant kids station. Here you can feed even the elephant or ride on them. The so-called mahouts (Elephant trainers) show z.B show what the elephants as a trained working animals can. Stacking trunks, push etc. Since the elephants because of the wooden steering ban but no longer work in the jungle, the mahouts earn their livelihood and the animals now in the tourism business. They were also swimming with the elephants in a Lake.

In the evening it went for CY to the hairdresser: Cut hair and beard. The hairdresser was even a mask. As a result, it looked like an operation.

In Thailand, there is one more feature, We had already owned by the, but they could never even see this time, but we had the opportunity and have maintained the same video it: Every day at 8 am and 6 pm the national anthem can be heard at public places and buildings through speakers and all the people rise up and be still stand for 1 minute. This is really impressive when suddenly all stand still and then suddenly all at once again go on.

To stay during the national anthem sounds are not available, is a misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine. We are of course also stopped (see video below).