Seerobbe Am Strand

So many see seals on a spot we had not seen before! On the rocks and in the sea at Ohau Point on the way to Kaikoura was teeming of them. The wind and rain made of living here Seerobbenkolonie seemingly nothing from. Kaikoura is actually known for whale watching. But you have to take a boat on the sea, from the beach you can not see it. But the weather was not so good and therefore we did not boat trip to the whales.
But we had but something to celebrate! On a bench on the beach in Kaikoura we have on our “One-year” initiated with a bottle of champagne, because exactly one year ago we were at the airport in Berlin, waiting for our flight to Bangkok. Crazy how time flies! In the 365 days traveling around the world we have seen so many great landscapes and places, met wonderful people, tried different specialties and exotic experienced many beautiful moments. We want to miss a single day of it and look forward to all the adventures, which will follow. Actually, we had planned to travel for 1 years, but now it is still longer. Es gibt ja noch so viel zu entdecken 😉
The next day was then already the last of our campers tour on the South Island. On the way to Christchurch we have seen again see seals. One is even appeared close beside us out of the water.