History Park Phimai

Mike, the owner of our guesthouses in Pak Chong, took us to the bus in the morning and we drove 3 hours to our next stop Phimai. Phimai is a small town in northeastern of Thailand, 270 km from Bangkok. The Buddhist Hindu temple ruins are the attraction here, which are called also "the small Angkor from Thailand". It is said, they were the model for the huge temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

After a visit there, We went to a Banyan tree, the with ca. 350 Years of the oldest and largest Thailand is. The tree is huge and with its multiple tribes, It occupies roughly the area of a football field proliferating branches and aerial roots. It is located on a small island surrounded by water. You could small fish at stalls on the shore, Snails, Buy turtles and other animals, release them into the water. Each animal has a different meaning, z.B. the turtle for longevity or the bird for a good travel.

Then we stroll a bit of the night market and saw strange specialties such as grilled squirrels on the spit or crispy fried chicken feet. Try we did not want that but prefer. And as luck would have it, have we met Tamara and Marianne there and spent the evening with them together.

There are not so many tourists in Phimai. The people there are very friendly and helpful. All those we met, have us very nice smile and nodded to. This is already fascinating, because it is very different than in Germany.