Through the mountains we took a bus from Quito to Otavalo. There we stayed at Hostal Rincon del Viajero. Otavalo is located north of Quito and is surrounded by three volcanoes. The city is located at about 2500m altitude and is especially known for its colorful markets.
Every Saturday is the big market day in Otavalo. Morning from 6 clock always find a cattle market place. Already on the way to the market place we saw the locals with pigs, Cows, Sheep, Go llamas and alpacas on the lead market. Squealed from all corners, mooing and clucking it and on the marketplace, there was a hive of activity. The biggest part took the Kuhmarkt. Between the animals survived the seller and negotiated with each other. In addition, pigs were, Offered goats and sheep. For us, it was also lots of chicks, Chicken, small dogs, Cats, Guinea pigs and rabbits. At home, you could not imagine it this way.
Many of the locals wore their beautiful traditional clothes. The men usually have white pants and a dark poncho at, the women wear dark skirts, white, colorful embroidered blouses with a colorful woven tie belt and gold chains and bracelets. In addition, most men and women have thick, long, black braids.
Many come from the surrounding mountains for their goods to sell here. Carry everything in a large cloth on the back, of children to beer boxes. It was a beautiful setting with the mountains in the background. Early in the morning it smelled different foods and the food stalls bubbling it ready in the soup pot and even whole roasted pigs were already eating. Early in the morning at 7 a hearty roast pork… was will man mehr 😉
In the afternoon we strolled through the markets in the city. Actually, the whole city was almost like a single huge market. From the central square Plaza de Ponchos up in the small streets and alleys there were market stalls everywhere with woven, Clothing made of alpaca wool, Jewelry, Hats, Leather goods, Wooden objects, Souvenirs… Therefore, this market is considered the largest of its kind in South America.
But also a fruit, Vegetables- and food market, we discovered. Here spoke to us at one time a resident in German at. We told a little bit and learned, that he is a violin maker and for 20 years has lived in Flensburg. Together with his family, he just spent his vacation in his native. He also wanted something with us and show us the environment, but unfortunately was no longer enough our time, because after 3 days in Otavalo we drove back to Quito to from there to fly to Peru.