Geröstete Heuschrecken Und Maden

7 h bus ride through mountain- and we finally arrived forest landscapes in Nan. NaN () is a province located in the mountains of northern Thailand and is 670 km north of Bangkok. Many rivers run through the mountains, hill tribes in which different live. According to NaN, it takes only a few travellers, Although it is a very nice and cosy town.

In the evening we visited the night market and bought a bag of roasted grasshoppers and maggots. The locusts taste better, the maggots are very "meaty".

"After our first night in the"Nan guesthouse"we looked at"FHU travel"informed of treks and posted a 2-day tour for the next day. We were very excited about: Only we two together with our guide on the road through the jungle with an overnight stay in a remote village.

In the afternoon we visited the National Museum. Here, we got a lot of interesting information about the different hill tribes in the area.

At the end of the day, it went back to a night market, This time in another road.