Flag of Thailand

The “Land of Smiles” makes its name. Especially in the north and north-east we had the impression, that we met the locals very friendly and always with a smile on the lips. Thailand is a safe and very easy to prepare land forming. Are in the North East (more) not so many tourists go, maybe people are here precisely for that reason as open and welcoming. The South, however, is very touristy and therefore also more expensive. For this reason, for us was the “true” Thailand” the north and northeast.
Compared to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia is very well developed. This can be seen especially in the well-developed infrastructure and good condition of houses and temples. On the road we also had to get used to only, because here drive on the left.
Thailand, Laos and Cambodia as well as a Buddhist-oriented country. There we saw many beautiful temples. The monks in their saffron robes have a special status:

  • they walk every morning through the streets to collect alms
  • at bus stops, there are often specifically defined areas where they can wait for the bus
  • the bus they usually sit in the back
  • Women is forbidden to touch monks
  • Also we have heard, that every man should be a monk in a lifetime. Which may be from several days to years.

Above all, however, we were delighted by the delicious and spicy food. There are different types of rice- and pasta, Suppen und Curry in allen Varianten. The national dish is Pad Thai, a traditional noodle dish with egg, Sprouts, dried shrimp, With choice of meat or tofu and seafood. Additionally you sprinkle chopped peanuts and lime juice. Pad Thai was declared in World War II to the National Court, to reduce the consumption of rice. The good Thai food will be missed for sure!