Petronas Twin Towers

In Kuala Lumpur we expected the opposite of peace and nature in which we Taman Negara had. With 1,4 million inhabitants is “KL” Malaysia's capital.
Even from the bus we could see the skyline with huge tall buildings. We were dropped off in Chinatown and then took the bus to the vicinity of our accommodation. But then we had to walk a little wander through the streets until we found it. In Sahabat Guesthouse, was “Friendship” means, we moved into a small but nice rooms. In the evening there was a reunion with Shasha and Jennifer, which picked us up to a little sightseeing tour by night. Before going to the sights, there was first a typical dinner with “Hainan Chicken” and “Yellow Rice”, cooked in coconut milk. Very tasty :-). Invigorated the two girls led us to Merdeka Square, the heart of the city. Here is the beautiful Sultan's Palace in the background, and we saw the lights of the Petronas Towers. After a trip to the impressive twin towers we were pretty broken into bed.
The next day passed quietly. Our travel blog needed some little care, so we made ourselves at Starbucks comfortable and easy living as day to day.
Sightseeing was announced on Tuesday. On foot we explored China Town with its bustling Petaling Street, on the one next to the other dealer has established his status. Next we went to Pasar Seni Central Market, where we browsed through the many small shops. The KL City Gallery with an impressive model of the whole town was our next stop. The model shows Kuala Lumpur with all the current buildings and the planned high-rise buildings. The Merdeka Square we looked again today in daylight, and then made another brief photo stop at the Masjid Jamek. Before it got dark we went to Menara KL Tower high and from there had a great view over the city. With the binoculars you could even look up into the windows of the huge office buildings and so a bit of people watching, that was quite funny. A man leaned e.g. to. a few times on the ground, probably he prayed.

On Wednesday afternoon we were again arranged with Shasha and Jennifer. The two looked after very sweet to us and wanted to show us as much as possible from KL and the surrounding area. Jennifer's friend Carlos from London Guesthouse was the same as us and so we headed to fifth on the way to the Batu Caves, a Hindu temple site, just outside of KL. At the foot of the caves is a huge golden statue. 272 steps lead up to the Temple Cave. You should also take a bit before the monkeys in eight. Which are quite cheeky and Shasha have simply stolen their water bottle.
In the afternoon we drove back. Seppel, Carlos and I strolled then again to the Petronas Towers and spent the afternoon in a cafe in the huge shopping center beneath the towers. For the evening, Shasha and Jennifer had a trip to the Fireflies in Kuala Lumpur planned. There we took a small boat on a river, sat on the banks very many fireflies in the trees. It looked intriguing. And we now know, that males and three females light up only once per second. On the way back, went to dinner in a typical restaurant and the girls told us a lot about the Malay courts again. A typical breakfast in Malaysia e.g.. “Nasi Lemak”: which is rice cooked in coconut milk, plus there is dried anchovies, roasted peanuts, boiled egg and sambal, with a spicy chili sauce.
On Thursday we have two again walked through KL. At the Petronas Towers every evening a small “Water show” to classical music. We had set ourselves on the steps in front of the fountain comfortable and a bit of people watching. For dinner we again Shasha, Met Jennifer and Carlos. Smoking and chatting with shisha we have together to 4:00 Clock made early in the day to night.

Friday we wanted to take the bus to Melaka further and visit Aqila. But it has written to us at noon, that the so-called in Melaka “Haze” is, that's a pretty worse smog. This is due to illegal forest fires in Sumatra for palm oil plantations. Because the smoke is very harmful, will be best to stay in the house. She advised us therefore prefer not to come to Melaka. So we had to change our plans. So we checked the flights to Borneo and could even book a bargain for next Tuesday. We had four more days in KL. As our guest house but unfortunately it was fully booked for the weekend, we went for two nights next house to the guest house “Phoenix” next door. In the evening the haze came on in KL. But it was not as bad as in Melaka. Nevertheless, advised us of Shasha and also the guest houses were to wear masks.

For Saturday Shasha had planned us a trip to Putrajaya. 25km from KL is this “City Administration”. The government has all built here their ministries and residential buildings for their employees. Formerly stood here Rubber- and oil palm plantations, Today, modern buildings in landscaped gardens. There is also two large mosques: Putra Mosque die die 15.000 Persons summarizes Besi and the mosque for 20.000 Believer.
We have visited both mosques and learned many interesting things about the Islamic culture. Besi The mosque is a very modern building. A volunteer who led us through the mosque openly answered all our questions. Than the muezzin called for prayer in between, we had to be silent for a moment and he has mitgebetet. We asked him then runs like a prayer and with the help of his assistant, he told us all the steps, z.B. what the individual words mean and why one leans on the floor. We thus also get a better insight into the Islamic culture and beliefs.

Sunday we have predominantly Sahabat Guesthouse spent, because of the smog in KL was worse. In the evening we, protected by respirators, went by train to get together Shasha “Steamboat” to eat. We had ever tasted in Laos. “Steamboat” is a kind of fondue. This time the ingredients were mainly fish and seafood. Even on the streets are often seen “mobile Fonduestationen”. You can choose from a variety of ingredients and then cook skewers himself in a small pot with boiling broth.
On our last day in KL we strolled again through a shopping mall and we wanted the Petronas Towers in “Haze” watch once. The whole city was still shrouded in a veil of mist.

After 9 nights in Kuala Lumpur, we have got to know the city pretty well and felt very comfortable here. KL has grown a bit fond of us, probably because we have learned so many interesting things from Shasha and Jennifer and they have just brought us closer to the city. The next day we packed our bags once again and made our way to Borneo ...