Parade Barranquilla Karneval

Pretty short notice, we decided to go to the carnival in Barranquilla. Barranquilla is over 1 million. Country's fourth largest city in Colombia. There are not many sights while, but once a year, namely at the Carnival, seems quite Barranquilla to be in a party mood. Then, all accommodations are booked quickly. We were lucky and Angie could organize us about her colleague Julia in Barranquilla a room at the neighbor of Julia. So hatten wir auch gleich Familienanschluss 😉 Julia erwartete uns schon und stellte uns gleich Myriam, our “Gastmutter”, whose daughter Camilla and son Nerio ago. They were all very friendly and welcoming. Despite the language barrier we could but agree reasonably well.
July, a family friend, led us equal first by their district “The Prado”. The first beer in the afternoon there was a small corner pub around us ever match at the carnival. These loud music and lots of dancing people. In the evening we met with Seppels buddy Steffen. He is also on a long trip and we had arranged to meet with him in Barranquilla. Together we went to a great place, where a stage was set up and salsa music was played. We soon came in contact with a Colombian family and celebrated with them.
The next morning it was already after breakfast at our host family the typical Colombian anise brandy “Brandy” and for rinsing another beer. So startet man also in Barranquilla in den (Carnival) Day! 😉
Nerio, dancing in a club and therefore was also at the Carnival Parade on one of our beautifully decorated floats here, gave us a small dance performance. In the typical dance have to do with the face permanently comical grimaces and always stick out the tongue. Looks very funny. And we were also equal dressed with hats, Wig and typical for the Carnival in Barranquilla Marimonda mask.
Together with Steffen, Thorsten and the Colombian Claudia and Estefanie from the night before we were on our way to the big carnival parade. Unfortunately, we did not have our camera mitgenommem, because we do not want to risk, that they will be stolen in the crowd. So we had to images of fall back. We were lucky and found a great place on the sidewalk in front of the stands in the first row. So we could see the parade up close. Colorful and imaginative costumes, colorful floats, Loud music, dancing and happy people… That Parade war echt toll. Since we found no taxi, we traveled with a donkey cart back into town and celebrated in a bar further. On Sunday we wanted to next Parade. Unfortunately we had no luck this time, the police would not let us on the sidewalk and we would have to purchase tickets for the grandstand. But because we wanted to travel again in the afternoon, we went straight to the back.
Julia had organized a transfer to Cartagena for us, the short term but failed because of an accident. Therefore, we went on good luck to the bus station, where it was full of carnival visitors, all wanting to go home. However, a bus had two seats available for us and after two hours of waiting we were finally on our way to Cartagena.