Kaffeebohnen Beim Rösten

The day was held under the motto "coffee". At “Mr. Coffee” we had booked a coffee workshop and made us therefore set off for Paksong. Unfortunately, our little tuk tuk to the bus station in Pakse given up the ghost while driving (we were probably too hard with our large backpacks). So our driver quickly organized a new car and we hit the Songtheao after Paksong just at the last second.

Paksong located in the Bolaven Plateau and the “Coffee capital” from Laos. Located at 1300 m there is a pleasant climate here and especially at night it cools off nicely. The red soil is very fertile and everywhere coffee is grown.

The coffee workshop was directly across from the “Tat Fane” Waterfall instead. He is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Laos. Two streams plunge deeply from the dense jungle over 120m into a ravine.
Mr. Coffee, a Dutchman who is married to a Laotian, has been wonderfully adapted to the "Lao-time", and so began the workshop with a delay of about an hour. After the first 3 espresso, we were then able to go to work and even roast coffee beans in a wok. That's a little science in itself. It smelled definitely delicious. After we had perfect coffee roaster then, we learn in the afternoon in a coffee plantation, a lot about the beans and their cultivation.

The last bus to our accommodation in Paksong we had probably missed. We waited 45 minutes at the side of the road until it was getting dark, But no bus drove past towards Paksong. Mr. Koffie was on his way to brief us and said we should just stop passing cars. Fortunately we then found a small van, which took us to his truck bed and in front of our property to the “Savanna Guesthouse” has discontinued.

For the next day we wanted to rent a scooter and explore the surrounding area. We walked the main street of the village along. Left and right were coffee beans spread out on the sidewalk and a pleasant smell of coffee was in the air. Our first idea was the only internet cafe in the town. There should be also mopeds and information about the environment. After a long search (there was no sign and we are once walked through the whole place) We have finally found, but there was nothing except coffee. A moped we were able to borrow anywhere else and because you could not do in the place really nothing more, We decided to leave unceremoniously Paksong and equal towards Si Phan Don – the 4000 Islands – break up.
We packed our bags and went to the bus stop at the dusty marketplace Songtheao. Here we had to wait an hour until departure to Pakse. Arrived in Pakse already a Songtheao stood ready to Ban Nakasang, from where we wanted to take the boat to Don Khon Island. During the trip we made frequently stop and there were quite a few sellers, the us mangoes, Kebabs and other things in front of him holding them to sell us…