Hobbit Cave By Samwise Gamgee

In the afternoon we drove to Matamata. In the near Matamata, on the grounds of “Alexander-Farm”, was the director Sir Peter Jackson to a long search, the perfect Filming location for the village of Hobbiton aus the film "The Herr der Ringe" und "The Hobbit". After the shooting, the area was left virtually identical and is now the tourist attraction in the area. On a tour of the movie set, we were able to hobbit holes, So the homes of the hobbits, look at. Unfortunately, we could only see them from the outside, since the interior scenes were filmed in studios. But from the outside were the little house with its many details such as colorful flowers, Mailboxes, Beautiful to look at clothes on the line and vegetable gardens. We learned a lot of interesting background information, z.B. that the sheep were flown in from England for the film, as the New Zealand sheep would not fit in the film, according to director, or that the tree at Bag End, an artificial tree is attended by more than 200.000 handbemalte Blätter pendants.
Nicole had not previously for “The Lord of the Rings” interested and neither read the books nor seen the movies. But they also found it very interesting and we have then in the next few days but still all three parts of “The Lord of the Rings” viewed together.