View Of The Snow Capped Mountains Of The Andes

After Peru it was in our last country in South America, to Bolivia. In four hours bus ride along the Lake Titicaca we saw many harvested grain fields, small houses, traditionally dressed Peruvian, many sheep, Lamas und Kühe. The border crossing was done quickly and easily, and by noon we arrived in Copacabana on Lake Titicaca to. Our clocks forward 1 hour we had here.
The place is very touristy, on the shores of the lake are countless colorful pedal boats. A restaurant is lined up on the road to the lake to the next and in between there are countless travel agencies, the Bus, Want to sell boat tickets and excursions.
We walked from the bus stop only once towards the lake around us there in search of a room to make. After we have looked at some accommodations, we opted for the hostel Estelar del Titicaca. The location was very nice, direkt am See. However, the hostel staff were very disinterested and knowledgeable here apparently also not from. Well, then we had to us the information we needed somewhere else just get. We only booked for one night a, because the next day we wanted to the island of Isla del Sol.
Since it was already late in the afternoon and we now had great hunger, we wanted to order something to eat first, but realized that we had no Bolivianos to pay. I had read, that the ATMs here often do not work. Fortunately, the take off was then but no problem.
The rest of the day we spent with a walk on the lake, visited the Cathedral of Copacabana and strolled through the market. There were bags of products from corn. On the way back to the hostel we booked the same nor the boat tickets for the next day to the Isla del Sol.

Early the next morning we went to the small port of Copacabana and also found equal to our boat. Our destination was the beautiful island of Isla del Sol ("Sonneninsel”), 2 hours away is in the middle of Lake Titicaca. A translation of Titicaca is “grauer Puma” (Titi Gray =, Kaka = grau).
We had real storybook Weather: Sunshine and not a cloud in the bright blue sky! The boat took us to the northern tip of the island to Cha'llapampa and from there we began our trek towards south. But first we wanted the Chincana Inca ruins View to the north. Along the lake shore, we walked past small stone houses, Donkeys and giant cacti. From all we had an amazing view of the lake and the underlying snow-capped giant mountains of the Andes. We also went up the hill Cerro Uma Qolla and could admire from here the whole island from above. Was almost 4000m above sea level us here the world at your feet. Once at the top we made first a breakfast break and just enjoyed the view. The Isla del Sol is very original, there are no cars or other vehicles. One can just walk or perhaps move on a donkey.
Every now and then we met locals in their colorful traditional clothes. Time they wanted to sell souvenirs, times they drove their animals to the fields. Here it seems as if time has stood still. Life is so completely different from what we know of home and, no hassle, no stress ... We wandered over stony paths and could not we see enough of the great views over the lake and the beautiful scenery. Down by the shore of the lake we could see a few small villages. In between we also had to pay way inch, but that was the equivalent of just a few euros and it is taken for the support of the Island School. On the way we passed a hut, where our two little boys selling coca tea. At the height of the tea was good and we did again a little breather. So we crossed the whole island from north to south and arrived in the late afternoon Yumani. This is the largest town on the island (total of about 2,000 people live on the island), but still only a small village. Along the narrow dusty "Main Street" is lined with small stone houses and a few hostels. We booked a room at Hostal Inti Kala and had a great view from our room. The beautiful day we could end with a cold beer and a delicious dinner. The whole course with lake view. On the night we admired the great starry sky. Since it far and wide are no lights here, we could see very many stars.

The following morning after breakfast we walked again through Yumani. The place is located above the lake and on a bumpy little way we came downhill to the so-called Inca stairs, pulling up to the boat dock. Move us a few locals came with their asses counter and we saw again llamas and alpacas along the way. From a distance we heard time and again are the “Iiiieh-aah "calls the donkey. A woman in a small garden was just about to shear their sheep. We chatted a bit with her and watched her while they freed the sheep of his thick wool. The way back up the hill to the hostel was then a little more strenuous. It is impressive how the locals the steep path going up seemingly without effort. I, however, was quite out of breath.
We packed our things and headed back to the boat on the way back to Copacabana. The short time on the Isla del Sol was much appreciated, here it is so nice and quiet and the scenery is just beautiful. Around noon we reached back Copacabana, where they picked up our big backpacks in the hotel and headed to the bus on the way to La Paz, Bolivia's capital.