Reflecting Mountains In Matheson Lake

On the way from Haast to Fox Glacier we tasted a special delicacy in New Zealand, Whitebait Patties. Every year the boys are captured by 5 different species of fish for a few weeks in the spring. The fish are quite small and are on the whole mixed with egg and crispy like a fried meatball. Very tasty!
Actually, we wanted to see the Fox Glacier, but unfortunately the rain has once again made us a spanner in the works. That's why we went in the afternoon on a campsite and spent the rest of the day in our cozy camper. The next morning seemed fortunately the sun and we were quickly on the road to Lake Matheson, because you want to look especially nice in good weather in the morning. It is also called “Mirror Lake” called and after a short hike through a small rainforest, full of ferns and mosses was, we could see the reflection of the mountains, Admire clouds and trees in the lake.
Then we traveled on a dirt road to the Gillespies Beach, a lonely beach with no sand but with lots of flat gray stones. Near the beach there used to be a gold mine and we could still see the remnants of it. On the way back the Flox glacier could be seen from afar. It is 13km long and it is very impressive to see so a lot of ice cream from the nearby. You can recognize markers of how far the glacier has already gone back in the last century. Before we headed north along the coast we took a lunch break at Lake Matheson Caf├ę with views of the mountains. In Greymouth we spent the night and then it started to rain again…