Arbeiterin Im Reisfeld

In the morning we started searching for a nice place to have breakfast. It moved it us first on the local market on which fruit of lots of, Vegetables, Meat and fish are. On every corner, it smells differently on the markets, time for an old fish, fresh fruit, Exhaust gases, Incense sticks, grilled meat, … On an empty stomach is not quite as pleasant.

Then we reminded us of a guest house, We knew that from the search. There were homemade baguette. So we came up with for breakfast, then fresh baguette with omelet and fresh fruit smoothies taste us.

At 4 pm CY and I were then picked for a bicycle tour. Our guide was called mem. Except for us were still Jérôme (from France) and Greg (from Belgium) This. We went to some very narrow or muddy country lanes through rice, Tobacco, Chili fields and small villages, where the time seems to have remained. The villagers have us on the road always friendly waved to and have called "Hello". The children have all of us "clapped out". We had to cross two rather rickety bridges on the tour. After the sun sets over the rice fields we were still each with a freshly baked "pancake" then on the way back (Crepe, Pancakes, Pan cake) rewarded by the street stall.

Mem had a very special tip for us: nearby, there was liquor in the snakes, Scorpions and centipedes are inserted. We have of course not to be missed and have tried a Snake Shot.

Together with Britney, Greg, Jérôme and Muriel (our room neighbor from New York) We have Sukhothai noodles in the evening, Enjoy Pad Thai and even a delicious pancake with egg and banana.

The next morning it went then to Lampang.