Durch Den Fluss

Compared to Chiang Mai, Nan is an almost untouched trekking region. This was also the reason for us to go here. Nong, our guide for the 2-day jungle tour, We picked at 9 o'clock by the guesthouse and we drove an hour by Jeep to the start point. We mostly walked through bamboo forest. Formerly stood here cherrywood, but they were unfortunately cut down all. Today, but also the bamboo forests are cut down to arable land z.B. to create corn. Nong has told us a bit about. He grew up in this area and therefore sad looks to the future of the forest. Often he had to also consider where the trail continues, because it looks due to clearing each time different than he know it before.

It was very steep uphill and downhill. We had to us through the forest "fight", but Nong has free himself beat us the way with his knife. In the jungle there was to discover some: Spiders, Termite mounds, large grasshopper. A snake with a yellow head, we have also seen, but she quickly fled.

For lunch there was rice with chicken and Nong has boiled green tea for us in a freshly cut bamboo cane in the campfire. He has carved the cups even made of bamboo. On the road we corn farmers have taken, they worked in the heat and the corn on the cob in small wooden houses on the hills store. After 6 h and 10 km March, we then arrived at our destination, in the small village of Huay came (translated "Golden River"). Approximately 200 people live here.

We had great luck and could participate in the life of the locals close. In addition to our accommodation (We stayed at the Mayor of the village) was just a man round busy to prepare food. We were sincerely welcome to keep them company and should feel right at home. Now you may advise, What was on the menu... the specialty Mole! And we were allowed to live in the preparation of this. There were 6 men, everyone has taken on a task: One stood at the Pan, one has cut vegetables, others have prepared the meat (more information follows the same) and a further was busy, the rice whisky to give to. I think, they have destroyed almost 3 bottles of sebstgebrannten liquor.

The friends had caught 5 moles and already taken apart. Then they have fried first crispy skin and offal. I've tried just a little bit from the skin, It did taste very good. But the thought of it, Eat Mole then not so liked. CY has eaten more, but he drank with some booze. I have rather kept to the fried bananas and potatoes. They were tasty. A soup cooked from the mole heads. The bodies and the bones were chopped very small. This was then with various herbs, Garlic u.a. mixed and eaten raw with sticky rice.It also had more chili sauce, raw vegetables and herbs. The minced meat was also a special spice, that should work against parasites in raw meat. They have fried but an extra Mole hack for CY, because he raw prefer not to eat it. It tasted good it. The Mayor was also invited to the banquet. Mole there probably once a month. Nong said also, that visitors so something else not experience. Firstly, because they are not so receptive to, and on the other hand because there is just not as often.

During a walk through the village we visited a few other residents. Nong is just walk into any House and looked around himself. This is nothing unusual there apparently. A woman was about to weave bamboo fibers, What are later manufactured hats. Here there was the next rice whisky for CY and Nong also. I was able to help for braiding. Before another house sat an older man and has baskets made of bamboo fiber stapled. These will be for $ 1,20 Euros sold.

The village is still very original. Only 2 years there is stream here. The houses are mostly built of wood and are on high stilts. Among the neighbours of the Mayor we were allowed to look in the House. You have 2 houses: one is kitchen and lounge, they sleep in a different House.

We have told us the bathroom of the Mayor with frogs and fish. They were hidden in buckets in the corner of each. It was probably for lunch the next day. The 'traditional' bathroom is a small, almost empty space only with a squat toilet without flushing, In addition a water tank with creator to wash and to wash. In one corner is a hole in the ground, where that water can drain. The bathroom at the mayor had even a shower hose. The shoes are basically before entering an apartment, Guest House or stripped of Wats. A few extra slippers who are attracted only in the bathroom were before the bath. In the past we had always the Western seat toilets. There is also a main room in the houses with TV. Here all gather and you're sitting on the floor, also to eat.

We slept in an annex (more or less well, because the mats on the floor were very hard and the roosters have crowed almost the whole night). Breakfast Nong has us fried fried eggs and freshly grilled our locusts purchased on the market in Nan by the way again. Then it was 8 o'clock invigorated again steeply uphill and we waved one last time the farewell residents. Tourists here come from very rarely, It was also a little change to their hard working everyday for the villagers.

On the way back we went along most of the time on a small river which or. again and again by the River. In part he was knee deep. Here we had to cross a "snake domain". Nong told us, that he a King Cobra has seen here in the last year. This snake is ca. 3 m-long and is considered the largest venomous snake in the world. Accordingly, I had a little fear in the "danger zone", Nong and CY would have liked but the snake. They live but very withdrawn and thus it is us (Luckily) also not met. In the meantime, Nong started two fresh fish for his supper – "fretsch Jon" as he always said ;-). And again, we have spiders (This time also in the water) seen, as well as crabs and lizards.

For lunch, we have a family (Parents and son) auf dem Acker made society. You have backed up their rubber, as soon the fields are burned and thus threaten the trees. We were allowed to taste their food and they have pleased our fried grasshoppers. Nong made before a banana tree, its soft interior such as spring onion and cucumber tastes. We ate to our fried rice. The woman was very fascinated by the color of my skin, stroking my leg and my hand. She said it looks like white like chicken skin. A beautiful Kompliment…

In the afternoon we arrived in a small village of the other and were driven from there back to NaN to our accommodation. Pretty busted but full of interesting impressions and many lasting memories, a soft bed to rest there waited on us.