in the streets of Chiang Khan

Sangkhom is a township we are got up extra early to breakfast to and then on time 10:30 Along with Britney the bus after Chiang Khan to catch. Unfortunately the bus was probably to on time and we have missed him. After we waited for a good hour we went back to our accommodation there to bridge the time until the next bus. 13:30 We had luck and reached the next bus. The drive is beautiful Thailand after Chiang Khan considered one. On the Mekong River along we had in between picturesque views of the river bed, What is interspersed with many small fringed Islands. Being just dry season the Mekong has little water and one can only guess the extent of the River during the rainy season. We passed little enchanted places, where the people from their huts made a NAP or worked.

After 2 hours we got to in Pak Chom in a “Songthaew”. Here you can sit on two opposite low benches on the covered rear open loading area of pick-ups. The trip has drawn quite a bit in the length. Because the speedometer needle has been missing (here often so), You also could not detect how fast or. He was slow. On Board was also a nice couple from Austria, Vroni and Boris. When we finally half 7 in Chiang Khan arrived, have we made us five to find a room. It was not so easy, Since most of the rooms were too expensive. But then we got 3 rooms in a very nice Thai woman, even with a private terrace to the Mekong River.

Chiang Khan is a peaceful small town along the Mekong River. Rare has become, traditional wooden houses with colorful flowers before that adorn the streets. Many small shops open in the evening and you can stroll through the city beautiful. From the shore, you have beautiful views of the Mekong River and the mountains of Laos.

The next day we took the bike to fifth on the rapids “Kaeng Khut Khu” 5 km away from Chiang Khan. From here, you have a great view on the Mekong. Because it's pretty hot was, We are soon retracted and did still on the market a stop to eat something. There was rice with chicken and soup with large cubes of cooked chicken blood from a small food stall. Yes, you read correctly - chicken blood. Because the soup was not quite so my case, has with eaten my portion Seppel. It has tasted it.

The afternoon has Seppel then spent on the terrace and I ran with Britney through the small streets of Chiang Khan. While the free-running dogs followed us often, before that I always great "respect", since they have already growling me a few times and barked. But this time, fortunately, they were very peaceful. Came here a few children with small elephants through the streets and even in Nong Khai wanted to sell us food, to feed the elephants. But, we have ignored it, because the animals are probably not well treated.

In the evening, are we then all to eat in a small food stall and then still comfortably sat together on our terrace.