Licht Am Höhlenausgang

Punctually at 7 clock started our bus to Ban Nahin. This is really typical, because the clocks ticking in Laos typically slower. When we got on the bus were not many passengers on board. The bus was pretty full but still charged. The rear third was cluttered with boxes, Packages and sacks. The roof had been completely unpacked. In transition and in the individual rows of seats in the foot well was full of boxes, Bags and a whole bunch of coconuts. Later came also another bicycle racks and. We were lucky and were able to grab a row without coconuts and bags in the foot. Somewhere between the many luggage a chicken clucking. A little girl with short hair has always turned to us very shy, smiled, and then very quickly hid it behind the seat. Loudly was framed everything from English music (e.g. „Hotel California“ von The Eagles und Backstreet Boys, It was quite a mixed bag). Before the ride but really started, came in between quite a few sellers for a short distance to the bus: z.B. with beverages, with baguettes (seller at a time equal to 5), a woman with meat skewers, a boy with chewing gum and even 2 books Seller.
When finally all sellers were by and start driving right could, first we were a ghost rider on the wrong side of the road. Probably the driver missed the entrance to the right lane and could not switch to the correct lane, there were in the middle of guardrails. But fortunately nothing happened and at the next intersection, he is then changed to the right lane.
After about an hour, there was first a bathroom break: the bus stopped right on the road, all jumped out and "facilitated" by the roadside. As it more and more passengers in the bus were, has the bus guards a few plastic stools placed at the forefront and in the transition, so they still had a seat.

Ankgekommen in Ban Nahin has a nice lady from a small grocery store across from the bus stop in our accommodation “Sainamhai Resort” called, so that we could be picked up. But because of the "Lao-time" it took at least half an hour to have been met as. We then get a very nice bamboo bungalow. Since the resort a little away from the small village Ban Nahin is, It was nice and quiet. Only the cows outside the window have “gemuht” and the chickens “cackling”.

Cave tour through the Tham Kong Lo Cave

The next day after breakfast we rented a moped to the cave “Tham Kong Lo” to drive. First, we wanted to go to the tourist office for a map and further information ask. Until we found the tourist info was already half an hour passed. When we finally arrived there, we also have the same or a trek to the waterfall “Tat Namsanam” booked for the next day.
45 km, it was up to the Kong Lo Cave and we drove on dusty roads littered with potholes on dried rice- and green maize fields, small hamlet, Cow- and herds of buffalo and a mountain landscape over. Some wooden bridges we had to cross, that was not so easy. Now and then we saw clouds of smoke rising, because some of the fields were burned. On the way back, the fire burned even right next to the road.
After an hour we finally arrived. One can take a boat into the cave, what is a really special experience. A maximum of three people in the same boat plus two boaters. Together with us, yet was a German, of us at the entrance asked, whether we share a boat and therefore the cost.
The cave is about 7 km long. Inside, it's pitch dark and a bit chilly. At the highest point it is up to 100m high and is huge spaces, with some very fascinating stalactites and stone formations. It is very impressive.
The two boatmen had lamps while. We also had our head lamps with. In some places the water was so shallow, that we had to get out a bit and had to walk through the water or push the boat, so it is not stuck in the gravel soil. Overall, it took us an hour to get to the exit of the cave. Then it was the 7 km back.

Before we could do with a motorbike on our way back, we had to fill up the tank again. "Gas Stations" there are roadside. Either are a few old brandy- or Plasikflaschen filled with gasoline on a small wooden table or we directly tapped from the barrel with a hose.
The sunset we headed Ban Nahin and arrived tired again in our accommodation. There since the early morning all the women of the neighborhood were already busy, Prepare food to celebrate the "International Women's Day". When we arrived the party was already over and our guest house owners a bit drunk. He told us, that celebrate the men may, otherwise it will be boring.

Hike to the waterfall fact Namsanam

On Saturday morning we will start our hike to the waterfall fact Namsanem. Have come since this already run some tourists and "disappeared", we prefer to let a guide through the jungle. It went through a dense forest, over hill and Dale, uphill and downhill. Unfortunately, the waterfall was not due to the dry season as spectacular. Only 2 small Rinnsäle were seen. But we have at least a little pressed sporty, which was pretty exhausting in the heat.