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4. May 2014
La Paz From the Killi Killi viewpoint

Back in La Paz

After 4 days in the Amazon rain forest, the contrast could not be greater for us. Welcome back to the urban jungle! From 200 we flew in 40 minutes to ca. 4000m above sea level and spent […]

7. April 2014
Flagge Ecuador

Until then Ecuador!

Over 3 weeks we were in Ecuador traveling and the highlight was of course the Galapagos Islands. The wildlife there is so unique and impressive. It is indeed as the […]

17. March 2014
Snorkeling with sea lions (Lobos island)

Galapagos – 2 weeks in the natural paradise

Breakfast by 5 clock we had to get up, because we had ahead of us to reach in Quito more than an hour taxi ride to the airport for our flight to the Galapagos. 9:30 […]

15. March 2014
Blog Weltreise 10076

Adios Kolumbien!

When one thinks of Colombia, think the most likely first on Drugs and Crime. Before we came to Colombia, I also had a little concern about the safety. But police […]

4. March 2014

On the Caribbean islands of San Andrés and Providencia

The fact that we get during our trip in the Caribbean, We had not really planned. But the Colombian islands of San Andres and Providencia were almost on the way and […]

2. March 2014
In The Old City Of Cartagena

Cartagena one of the most beautiful colonial cities in South America

Cartagena's Old Town is considered the most beautiful in Colombia. The city is located on the Caribbean coast and has the largest port in Colombia. Inside the old, thick walls in the historic area we walked through […]

25. February 2014
Pause Unter Palmen Im Tayrona Nationalpark

Tayrona Nationalpark

From San Gil, we took the night bus in 12h to Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast and here is a short taxi ride to the fishing village of Taganga. It is in a […]

16. January 2014
Flagge Neuseelands

Good Bye New Zealand!

Over 6 weeks we were in the land of the Kiwis go and have it covered more than 5500km in the camper. Unfortunately, we have these shy birds but not to face […]

14. January 2014
Container Stützen Hausfassaden

Christchurch – Three years after the earthquake

Our campers tour on the South Island of New Zealand took the lead 3,Five weeks to the end and we gave the campers in Christchurch at CampaSouth off again. When Glen and Esther, a very nice […]

10. January 2014

Cycling through the Marlborough wine region

The Marlborough region is the largest wine-growing region of New Zealand, because there is the most sunshine hours here. But it is not only vineyards but also a fjord area, die Marlborough Sounds. From Nelson […]

5. January 2014
Spiegelnde Bergwelt Im Matheson See

Fox Glacier and Mirror Lake Matheson

On the way from Haast to Fox Glacier we tasted a special delicacy in New Zealand, Whitebait Patties. Every year for a few weeks in the spring, the boys from 5 different […]

31. December 2013
Slope Point – Der Südlichste Punkt Neuseelands

New Year's Eve with penguins and dolphins in the Catlins

From Balclutha out it was not far to the Catlins, a region of green meadows, pristine forests and a rugged coastline. In the Catlins many animals are to […]

22. December 2013
Lake Tekapo

Christmas at Lake Tekapo

The blue waters of Lake Tekapo already stabbed us from afar eye. In the same small town we looked for a place on the campsite, the over the Christmas holidays throughout […]

21. December 2013
Auf Dem Weg Zum Lake Tekapo

Camper tour on the South Island

When we landed in Christchurch, It rained here in buckets, as well as on our arrival in Auckland. John of the CampaSouth Car Rental picked us up at the airport and […]

20. December 2013
Flughafen Auckland

End our tour in the North Island of New Zealand

On the way back to Auckland we spent another night in Orere Point on the sea and the next day we drove to the airport camping in Auckland. This is […]