On the loading area of ​​the pickup to the bat cave

Our time in the hot, stuffy Bangkok has now ended and we drive next to Pak Chong and the Kao Yai National Park. The weather is pleasant there and clear the air.
We booked a room with Mike the day before. He is German and emigrated to Thailand 20 years ago. He and his wife are the owners of Suri Bobby's apartments & Jungle tours.

To get to Pak Chong, We had to drive with local city buses to Bangkok's northern bus terminal. The city buses open their doors in the middle of the ride, and you must quickly a- and get off. Since no stops are announced, We asked the cashier in the bus, whether she says know us if we are. She had their child, that played during the bus ride. Arrived at the bus terminal the cashier gave notice of us, and she and her child waved at yet friendly us goodbye.

Now, we had to find the right bus ticket desk. But everything was written only in Thai. We simply asked through to the correct ticket lodge, and then the 3-hour drive went off.
As we then afternoon finally came in Pak Chong, We called Mike and were picked up from the bus stop. Six it went then off for a trip with "Troy", our guide. Except for us, a couple from Germany were (Simone and Matthias) as well as from France (Julie and Guillaume) This. On the loading area of the pickups, wind and dust blew us around the ears. First we went to a natural freshwater source in the forest and could bathe there. Then it went into a Buddhist cave temple, where we saw a few bats and small spiders. Against the sunset, we went to an observation point, from which to fly millions of bats from their cave looks to go on foraging. The bats fly out every night, and it can take up to an hour until all 3 million are flown out. This natural spectacle was very fascinating.
In the evening we sat together with Simone and Matthias then still cozy and let them give us some tips for our Thailand stay. The next morning, an adventurous tour of the jungle should then start…