On The Kelimutu

From other travelers we have heard from the Indonesian island of Flores and they have recorded spontaneously in our travel planning. The flight from Bali to Flores led many islands with beautiful beaches, secluded coves and barren mountains. From the aircraft, these islands had untouched and almost uninhabited.
Our journey began in Flores (ironically) in Ende, the largest city on the island. A bit like we have at the end of the world felt. Our accommodation, das Hotel Ikhlas, reminded us more of a waiting room with adjoining rooms as a cozy accommodation. According to our guide, it should be one of the city's best accommodations. Every few minutes there was a power failure and there was almost never water in our bathroom. But we stayed here for one night only yes.
The locals were all very friendly. As we walked in the evening in search of a warung for dinner on the dark road (it was again a power failure) We were greeted very friendly everywhere.

The next afternoon we were on our way to Moni. The small town is the starting point for a trip to Kelimutu volcano and its three crater lakes. Change the lakes their colors with the changing sunlight in the morning and we wanted to watch. From time to time they change the colors even completely. One reason is the minerals contained in the water.
So we waited in front of the hotel at the end of the first street on a Bemo, a local minibus. We wanted to go to the bus stop. After less than a minute stopped a few motorbike driver and asked where we want and if they can get us. With our large backpacks between the handlebars and seat, we went to “Bus station”, where the roadside waiting for some minibuses to passengers. We sit down to a few locals and waiting for the bus. After about an hour of waiting, he finally came. Then we drove first in the wrong direction, to collect additional passengers and luggage in place, z.B. Sacks with stones and huge pots and pans, which were stowed on the roof. Often people go on the roof if the seats are not sufficient. We have seen in another transporter also a small cow between the passengers. After an hour we arrived back at the bus station and waited again until it finally went towards Moni.
The road through the mountains was quite narrow and often in poor condition. Accordingly, while we have then used for the 50km up to Moni. The rides on the local bus for us but always very interesting and exciting. One can observe the people and look at the scenery. It's all quite different from ours in Germany or in Switzerland. We drove along huge rice terraces, in the background the mountainous green landscape and forests. It went through small villages and past market stalls of fruit and vegetables by the roadside, where we again stopped for a few heads of lettuce to pack on the roof.
After 2 hours we arrived in Moni at. Unfortunately we left the driver of another guest house out. When we got out and told him, that it is the wrong, he went on quickly. Luckily we had an Indonesian phone card and could call in our accommodation, so they picked us up.
The next two nights we spent in the Bintag Lodge. The family, who own the guest house, was very friendly and we learned a lot about their culture. For example, it is very expensive to get married to a man. He must pay a lot of money to the family of the future wife. In addition there are issues for jewelry and animals such as buffalo or cattle for the feast. Many a marriage can not afford, therefore,.

On the first night in Moni we booked the tour yet equal to the volcanic lakes. Since we wanted to be at sunrise above, we had to get up very early. The alarm clock rang at 4:00 Clock. Together with a guide we first drove by bemo and then had to walk up to the lookout point a little way. Our guide, however, was rather slow and panting after a few minutes. The sun was already up and we wanted to watch the sunrise over the volcanic lakes. So we went off the front and hurried up the stairs.
In the background we saw the orange sky and in front of two of the three crater lakes. By the morning light it looked pretty dark, a turquoise and the other appeared to be brown. Later in the sunlight, he showed his real color, he was green. The third lake is on the other side from the lookout and was black.
Locals from the surrounding villages, which rose very early in the morning on the volcano, selling hot drinks and snacks. On the volcanic peak it was a bit cold and windy. Some locals, including our guide had to even thick winter jackets. We also wanted to warm up a bit and bought a hot ginger coffee. In addition there was the German Nürnberger Lebkuchen, the us Kristin had brought. Sehr lecker 🙂 So konnten wir den Blick auf die Seen und die umliegenden Berge genießen.
We spent 2 hours on the lookout platform and waited for the sun to all three lakes seemed. The view was really great. The turquoise and green Lake lie next to each other and the colors were really bright in the sun. Really a great backdrop.
The Lakes have for the locals but also an important role: Believe, that the souls of the dead wander in these lakes, and means a color change, that they are upset. There is a lake for the elderly (the green), for the boys (der türkise) and one for the wicked (the black).
On the way back to Moni we went on foot. Our guide led us through the forest, dust slopes, through small villages, past coffee plantations and vegetable gardens. We had beautiful views of the countryside and mountains. In a small village, we watched a woman in weaving Ikatstoffen. She needs two months to weave a sarong and then sells them on the market. The weaver had very red lips and teeth from chewing betel nuts of. The local men smoke and chew betel nuts women. Roads we also saw red spots everywhere from the betel nut spit. Front of cottage Weaver coffee beans were to dry and her husband has stamped the dried beans in a jar, so that the shell during roasting going easier. The coffee they sell on the market. Their children were a bit shy and have peeked around the corner from time to time.
All the people we met were very friendly and above all the children were so welcoming and always smiled at us and waved. Some have claimed “Sugar Sugar” in demand, what candy is,. Fortunately, we still had a few sweets here we could give them. Thanks to then we could take a picture with them.
On the way we saw many tiled graves in front of houses and later demand in the guest house. In Flores, the relatives are buried in front of the House, so that they are always close to the family. The graves are for example used as a bank and the kids even play it.
After four hours of walking in considerable heat, we came to a small waterfall and were happy about the refreshment. Moni and the Bintang Lodge were no longer even far.
We spent the evening in the restaurant of the Bintang Lodge and chatted a bit with Tobias (the owner) und Billy (his nephew).
The next day we went by bemo back to the end. Because the “beautiful” Hotel Ikhlas was booked, we stayed one night at the Hotel Safari Hotel. The standard was there but similar. The next morning we flew to the west coast of Flores, Labuan not BAJO …