Cathedral Cove

We went into our camper, the Coromandel Peninsula. There is the so-called Hot Water Beach, the holds a very special surprise. One can namely two hours before and after low tide to dig a private pool on the beach, fills up with hot mineral water. Das Wasser kann bis zu 60 Grad heiß sein, therefore we must also be careful not to get burned. When we arrived at the campsite at Hot Water Beach, gentle man uns dort, dass die nächste Ebbe in der Nacht um 3 Uhr und dann wieder am Nachmittag ist. However, as we heard, that the beach is supposed to be pretty full offered during the day, stellten wir uns den Wecker auf 2:30 Uhr morgens. Armed with a spade then it went in the night to the beach for us to dig a pool. The full moon lit our way through a small forest to the beach. Seppel fing an zu buddeln, but unfortunately he got only cold water. As a few other people had already left their pools, then we simply used their. The water was really pretty hot. It burned almost the feet. To me it was too hot to put quite pure, but Seppel took a hot bath in the middle of the night. It was really fascinating, that direct hot water was to be found in the ground next to the cold sea. Also right next to the hot water in the sand bodies were, which were quite cold. Seppel cooled then again in the sea now and then it went back to bed. The next morning, we then looked at the Hot Water Beach set in daylight, but since flood was, you could dig no pool.
From the Hot Water Beach we drove to Hahei, order from there a short walk along the coast to the beautiful Stingray Bay and the Cathedral Cove to make. Then we drove further along the coast, then left the Coromandel Peninsula and headed back on the road to Auckland.