The fact that we get during our trip in the Caribbean, We had not really planned. But the Colombian islands of San Andres and Providencia were almost on the way and if we were ever in the vicinity, we could also make a trip there. The two islands are located about. 800 km off the coast of Colombia, but just 200 kilometers from Nicaragua.
From Cartagena we flew first to San Andrés City on the homonymous island. The guest house Mary May Inn was for the next 4 nights our home. We arrived in the afternoon in bright sunshine and headed straight to the way to diving school Karibik Diver, with which we wanted to explore the Caribbean underwater world.
San Andres is very touristy, to the modern beach promenade by the sea, there are many shops and restaurants. In the evening we have observed cozy with a beer on the sunset beach. 3 days we were diving here and saw this u.a. many beautiful coral, a few sharks, Langusten, Shrimp and puffer fish. Since the dive group was quite large, we are immersed mostly to ourselves.

On Saturday we made our way to Providencia. In a small Russian machine with only 20 seats we flew in just under 25 minutes, the 90km to the volcanic island. It was like being in another world, hardly any tourists, just a small corner shop, small family restaurants, turquoise blue sea in front of deserted beach… a place just to relax.
We had heard, that the underwater world in Providencia is beautiful and there will be more sharks. Therefore, we dived here a few times with a diving school Sirius and thereby discovered huge schools of fish. A group of black tip sharks circled us constantly in some dives. Very rarely you can probably see hammerhead sharks. And we were lucky, because the safety stop we actually saw a giant hammerhead! 🙂
On the last day on Providencia we made together with Ferdinande, we had already met at San Andres, a snorkelling trip. We swam with turtles, a swarm of small squid, saw stingrays and even a nurse shark, lurking for prey. And we climbed to a vantage point on the small island of Crab Cay, of the one has a great 360 degree views of the crystal clear turquoise sea.