View of the Misti volcano

Overnight, we went from Cusco to Arequipa. The bus was very comfortable and the seats comfortable, yet it felt as if we were all the time on a dirt road on the way, constantly jerked and wiggled it. As the sun rose we were almost there and saw the huge mountains around Arequipa. At the bus station we grabbed a taxi and arrived at about 7:00 Clock in the morning in Hostal Los Andes ,. Unfortunately, all the rooms were still occupied so we had to 11:00 Wait clock. We were pretty well worn from the long bus ride, but they made us after a little siesta on again in the city. Arequipa is a beautiful place with a large cathedral on the Plaza de Armas. Our hostel was just around the corner and from our window we could see even the over 5800m high, see active volcano Misti.
Arequipa wird auch “White City” stated, once because of the many white buildings, on the other hand lived here before many Spaniards, whose skin was much brighter than that of the locals.
Just as we were sitting at dinner in a small alley, we saw a couple, that we are already in Borneo and then also in Sydney had seen. But we never got to talking and this time they were already gone and disappeared in a business. Maybe they persecute us, we thought. Next time we need to address but in any case.
My 33. Birthday we spent in Arequipa. After I was sick on my last birthday in bed, we were able to make this time a nice day. For breakfast we were sitting comfortably outside in the courtyard of our hostel in the sun. After the first email birthday greetings and congratulations via Skype already came from our families. In the afternoon we went to the little Belgian cafe oCacao and tasted delicious homemade chocolates from Belgian chocolate and cake. We walked a bit through Arequipa and for dinner we went into the Restaurant of a Swiss. We finally got back right cheese (who was from Peru) and the meat and fish were also very tasty. Of course there was the celebration of the day to a tasty Peruvian Red Wine. And then my special day was already over.
On our last day in the "white city", we took a guided, free city tour. Free guided tours are available in many places, but of course the guides are always happy to receive a donation. We learned a lot about Arequipa, visited a café and a small chocolate factory. Also known for the city of ice “Queso Helado "we tried. Translated it means cheese ice cream, but with cheese, it has nothing to do, but it tastes like vanilla ice cream. After the tour we went with a few people from the group for lunch and tried guinea pig, a Peruvian specialty. Served complete with teeth and feet, it had not much meat, but it was still quite tasty. Guinea pig is in relation to other types of meat relatively expensive, but we wanted to try in any case sometimes. In the afternoon we visited the Monasterio de Santa Catalina. It is so great, that as “City within a city "is called. The next morning we were on our way to Lake Titicaca.